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Amore ... [Open Frequency]

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* Shane picks up his radio and shuffles through different frequencies until he feels comfortable. He puts a new battery into his cassette player and hits play, some scratching occurs before it plays *


This is Shane Peters of Benni's Pizzeria, if you don't know us, we make pizzas! If you'd like one, why not come to our shop in Novy Sobor, you shall not be disappointed. Ask for Mr. Mancini, he'll be happy to help ...

* Static overtakes the frequency as the song ends *

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*Benito clicks on his radio*

Shane I did NOT tell you to advertise. Get back to delivering the goddamn pizzas!

*Benito clicks off his radio*

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* He frantically picks up the radio *

Yes, er ... sorry Mr. Mancini. I only have a couple of deliveries left so i thought why not, eh?

* He giggles playfully *

I'll get these done right away sir.

* Static overtakes the frequency *

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*Jericho would be listening to the various radios on the table in the Coldwater H.Q., he would hear the transmission and decide to order something out.*

"So you say you actually sell pizzas? This isn't some sort of code like The Brokers use to use with rabbits is it? If it isn't, I wanna place an order."

*He ends the transmission.*

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*CJ picks up the radio to respond with a terrible Italian accent*

*Holds down the PTT*

"Code word? Fucking code word? Eh eh eh, hey they just sell the best fucking pizza's in chernarus"


*Releases the PTT*

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Jack Warren hears the tune from his bunker, he takes a sip of his aging wine while bobbing his head. He continues to look over his notes, planning what he will be doing upon his return to The Brokers. He wonders how things are going. During the middle of his note taking he starts to sing along with the tune. But he catches himself

He mutters 

"Fuckin aye, pizza guys? I could use a slice of pizza right now if ya know what I mean."

He then takes a break from his notes and starts to day dream about Sadie, unknowing that the PTT is pushed

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