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Message to the N.A. (Open Frequency)

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*Nils presses the PTT and starts speaking. You can hear a lot a chatter in the

Background and some guy dictating him what to say. *

The is the Haven and we officially leave Northern Alliance!

We are now Allies with the Savages and ….

*He pauses for a bit while the guy that is dictating him starts laughing*

And also a guy called Petrov sends his regards.

*He releases the PTT*

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*Aaron Mitchell relaxes on his fold out chair occasionally adjusting his fishing rod*

*After hearing a garbled SOS on a known Haven Frequency, he searches common frequencies for information thus hearing this broadcast*

*Holds down his PTT button*

"I go on one fishing trip and these animals crawl back outta the woodwork..."

"And did I just hear that alliance right?"

"Give me a day, I'm coming home."

*Aaron chucks on a tune*

*Begins packing away his fishing gear. Releasing the PTT button*

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*Jackson hears the transmission and raises his eyebrows. He grabs his radio to respond*

"My, my, what an interesting move. It seems as though this Northern Alliance is crumbling beneath it's own weight. I would like to see how this plays out."

*He cuts off the transmission as static ensues*

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*James hears utter bullshit on the radio, while holding down the PPT, laughter can be heard*

Oi there boyo, I don't know what fucking planet yer from, but it ain't mine. We in the savages have no friends but those in our own. The only time we ever worked with anyone was against you Norther Alliance pricks.

*James pauses*

Don't be spredding lies over the radio, thats a sure way to get gassed lad

*The transmission is cut*

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*A man picks up his radio*

Hey thanks for clearing that up, though. Nils, what the fuck? 

*He puts the radio away*

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*he picks up the radio*

Well I just said what i got told to say

and thats all.

*releases the PTT button*

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*As he begins to drive the final nail in the man, Skinner is distracted by the talk of an alliance on the radio. Turning to the other men in the room who all shrug and look confused, he puts his hammer down and picks up the radio from the alter*

Oh really? The Savages agreed to an alliance with... you? Wow, was this just before they sent you off to bed with a warm glass of milk and a kiss goodnight? What'd that last guy say your name was, Nils? You'd better get your head on straight Nils, before I take it off and stick it on a spike for all your Haven friends to see. Now say as I tell you to say... say nothing.

*Clipping his radio to his belt, Skinner picks up the hammer and finishes nailing the man to the cross. Laughing, he catches a beer being tossed to him and laughs as he walks out the door into the crisp evening air*

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