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To ATLAS (Open Frequency)

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*Aaron eagerly presses down the PTT button on his radio*

Dear my darling ATLAS, recently I've had much fun playing around with one of your members I believe he was your deputy. A lovely little pig he was. I am extremely curious if he managed to crawl his worthless husk of a body back to you, I mean id hate for my artwork to go unappreciated. I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember to Smile, Im sure he will

*Aaron chuckles to himself before releasing the PTT*

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*Kenny smacks down his PTT with his finger*

*Aye it was fun, He was a brave boy I must say, Barely made any noise.

I do hope that the Diamond keeps it's shape, Oh by the way, Is he still dossing around in his cute little dress?*

*He chuckles to himself and releases the PTT*

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*Blades hears the transmission and presses the PTT*

 glad to hear that you enjoyed our product Smiley

*short pause*

Next one will be on the house since you have paid well

and as allways pleasure doing business with you

*He chuckles and then releases the ptt wondring what did they do to the man this time*

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