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"The Black Fox Expedition" - W.I.P. Character Story

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Mathew 25:13

"When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne."

"My name is Jon Einarsson, I am a member of the Icelandic Coast Guard. I have been recently en-tasked with leading the Black Fox Expedition. Along with me will be a group of prisoners of which disobeyed the laws they were meant to follow whileist in the Refugee camp."

*He clears his throat*

"God put them in our borders because he wished for the to be given another chance. Other countries have fallen to a mysterious "illness". This illness... It... does things to a man. They can pass from many causes, but yet... they wake up... disoriented. Unaware of whats going on around them. However, they appear to have one goal. Feast."

*rustling of papers can be heard*

"I... I don't know though. This is just what a friend of mine told me. Black Fox.. Black Fox is meant to go gather more information on this illness... What it actually does to people. What it does to their mind and their body. That's our main goal at least. Well... according to this fucked 'mission statement' given to me by the fuckers in that luxorious town house. They look at this expedition as just another way to get rid of the idiots who land themselves in this prison. Well, most of the prisoners here. Fuck..."

*Jon sighs*

"All they care about is how comfy their asses are in their velvet chairs. They couldn't give a damn to what happens to the refugees. They give me a slip of paper with just bullshit on it."


"'Objective Two: maintain a safe haven for others to come to."

"The fuck are they thinking? For all we know nothings there. Just barren landscape with  a bunch of ill people wandering around. Last we heard from happening within those borders was that the UN got over run and had to pull out. I don't even know what to think of this anymore. I sold my name to this job, to protect Jeremiah. He fucked himself over trying to save the chick he got pregnant."

*He pauses*

"Those shitheads in the town gave me a list goals, i have my own. I'm going to get that man home so he can be the father he always wanted to be."

*Jon Sniffles*

"My wife...  she said I was going to be a great father... Aki was going to be his name. Kay...

*Jon starts to cry, then the recording stops*


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good stuff man!

don't be afraid to contact me if you need any help with anything iceland related

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Seems like this can become interesting..

Expedition Cerna Liska.....

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OP Updated :D

Sorry for the slow updates, been busy lately. Thank you for the feedback though! much appreciated!

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Looking good man, well written!

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Good story, like the sad stuff, gives it that emotion.

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