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Possible to speak up my re-apply time?

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Hey I've been trying to go through the whitelisting process a few times, failed a few times only with like 1 or 2 questions wrong, but this time I got it wrong again on a single question to which the answer was hard to find. Now I have to wait 12 hours before re-applying but would like to do it ASAP as I'm working later on. Would it be possible to speed the re-apply time up for my account?

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Hello Icaruu,

The only way that you can speed up the white list timer is to have donate to the server a minimum of 5 Euro's! This will give you the donor rank. If you do donate to the server the whitelist cooldown timer will be reduced by 50%... This is the only way you can reduce the whitelist cooldown timer. Apart from donating, you can't speed this process up and unfortunately you do have to wait the timer out!

In the mean time, I suggest you revise the rules, so you don't fail the questions next time! A good tip is to triple check all your questions to make sure it's correct! If you still feel unsure about your questions you may want to hop in the Teamspeak Helpdesk and get come help from a community helper! 

Good luck! 

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I believe the only way to speed up the cooldown is to donate at least 5 euros, however I don't think it speeds up any cooldowns that you are currently waiting.

That being said, the cooldowns are meant to allow you to thoroughly red-read the rules and to learn from your prior mistakes.

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Sorry but there is no way to speed up your cooldown unless you donate for a premium rank, which cuts the time you have to wait by 50%

When you do your whitelist again, head into the helpdesk in teamspeak and a staff member will be happy to help you :)


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