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To my friends, to anyone. (Open frequency)

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*Petra sat down on the bench, overlooking the small town. How did she end up here? All alone. She was not in any danger, everything had been very calm latley, howvever she felt lost. Lost and alone, so she had to do something about it.*

Chappy, if you are still out there, somewhere, please contact me when you can, I miss you.

Iris, Willem, Fox, Pavel Spelinski, Borislav Nesky, Emile Lukas.

You are a few of the people I really do trust, if you are out there, contact me. I am in need of a friend. I feel a bit... Well the best word for it is, I feel a bit lost, and I think i might need some guidance, or just a friend to trust.

I wish not to get any "help" (help said with ironic tone) buy groups such as L.I.F.E or UN. I know you might try to help people, but I have seen the wars and deaths you bring to South Zagoria. I do not wish to be a part of this. I do hope you the best though.

*In Chernarussian*

Any of my countrymen out there, I wish you all the best in what our fine country, which it once was. It has turned to shit, and more and more it turns ugly. 

*In english*

Again, I feel like some company would be appriceated, some help to find my way back to life. 

Thank you to those willing to help.

And to all you thinking I am a desperate lady, well, I might be, however you should not try to take advantage of this, I am still on my guard.

This is Petra Baloski, and I wish to see you soon.

*Letting the ptt go, Petra put the radio on the bench beside her, and took a sip of water, woundeing how far she would go before destorying herself from the inside out.*

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* Danny wakes up in Gusty's pub from last nights talk with Anton, feeling great about himself... He then walks over to the closet and looks at the full suit and grins to himself and whispers " soon " then puts on his blue T-Shirt and the rest of his outfit. After this he walks out, then hears Petra's voice and instantly grips the radio and presses the PTT * 

" Petra, It's Danny... For god sake head over to Blackwood territory and wait for Iris or something... You'll be safe there... I don't think you'll want to talk about  anything personal to a teenager... Don't do anything fuckin' stupid, despite you telling people things I didn't want you to...I still want you to stay safe... So head over there now, Petra... Please don't get yourself hurt. "

* Danny releases the PTT Button * 

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*Woods leans against a brick wall , lettimg a sigh out , eyeing Dani as she's drinking water from the well , he holds down the PTT button*

We might've not been thr best friends , a couple of plans failed , that we had.

*He pauses for a second*

But I still see you as a friend , I wondered where you went. Don't be afraid to contact me on the radio , you know the frequency.

See you soon..

*He sighs once more , lifting his head up towards the sky , hears Dani calling him that it's time to go , he releases the PTT and puts the radio in his pocket*

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*Petra heard the reponses, and was happy hearing familiar voices, and that they repsonded quick, lifted her radio from the bench, and responded*

Thank you, both of you. 

Danny. I have waited and waited. I have met some of your people, however no sign of Iris, and no sign of anyone I really know or trust.  Ano, of course I trust you guys in Blackwood, but I learnt the hard way that there is difference of trusting someone and really having trust in somone. Afterall, we all need to survive, and in the end we will do what we must to keep ourselves alive. I will step by time to time though, hopefully we meet soon again.

Woods, that is good to hear, however I do not know when I bumped in to you last... Maybe I'll check in on the radio frequency you gave me a while back, when I feel ready. Thank you.

Thank you both.

*Petra, who had gotten a bit tense while talking, put the radio back down on the bench, stretched herself, and then leant back towards the bench again. She realized she probably knew more people than she could think of, however, which to trust, and which could she not? She had qutie a history afterall.*

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* Danny sits on the side of his bed in the pub, waiting for a reply... After his radio bursts into life with Wood's and Petra's voice he grins to himself... Then presses the PTT Button * 

" Petra, like I said if you want to stay safe, head over to our territory... You'll be okay there, just don't get yourself hurt or something okay? I'll be around soon... I've just got to go see someone first, but I'll be around soon... Stay safe, Petra "

* Danny releases the PTT Button, hoping Petra stays safe *

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*Jacket listens through the broadcast as letting a sigh therefore pressing the PTT button, Talking with a muffled tone (gas mask)*

'Sometimes Loneliness pays up.

Staying Wise... Staying Safe...'

*The transmission cuts off*

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*Iris dusts her hands off after planting some seeds, and giving them a good drink of water. Having somewhat over heard the radio. Taking off her gloves, she picks up her radio and pushes the PTT down. Her southern drawl deep as she speaks*

"Petra Honey, you sound some what in the dumps. Needing a good ear to listen, right honey. Well, sorry I haven't been around much. I been running around this place, like a chicken with its head cut off."

*She laughs at that and continues.*

"Been going here and there, gathering supplies and you know these dang handsome militia men. Got me drinking, and making me behind on planting and gathering things for my clinic. Honey, they handsome but I swear I can't ask them to do a gosh darn thing around here! For all that muscle and such, I curious when they use it!"

*She shakes her head a little and continues.*

"But that is besides that point, anyway I dont mind listening honey. If you can catch me around that is, if I miss you I am dearly sorry. I would love to hear about your lovely Chappy too, and anything you want. I see you around soon hun."

*She sets her radio down again and goes back to her gardening.*

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Enzo waits for the airwaves to clear, waiting patiently as a woman finishes to speak. When the channel appears to be clear for a moment, he presses down the push to talk button and chimes in...

"Signora, if anyone consider Pavel e Borislav a friend, they musta be OK ina Enzo book."

"I'ma no sure what happen, ma, these day, you better no trust anyone too much. No even trusta youself some time. Just do what you can to keep you head above water, ah? E if you ever come across a man name Enzo, we can at least share a drink e a story about Pavel e Borislav."

"Tenere la guardia (keep your guard up), singorina."

Enzo releases the push to talk button, unsure if he will even get a response.

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*Petra, who almost fell asleep on the bench, opens her eyes when her radio sparked to life. She looked at it for a second, surpries by both the mystical man who sent a short message, but also by Iris. Happy, she took her radio up, and pressed the talk button, letting through some static before speeking*

Danny, thank you. Thank you once again, I'll see you around.

And Iris. I am happy to hear your voice. I have been looking for you, but I have not seen you in a while... It makes me a little sad.

I do hope the militia is treating you well, otherwise I know you can deal with them. 

*She giggled* 

Hopefully we will meet soon. I really do hope so. Take care. 

*In a more serious tone, Petra responded to the stranger on the radio.*

Ano, mystical man. Sometimes, sometimes it can pay of... However, it can also go in the other direction and hurt a lot. For me, well, it has done both. Please, you too take care.

*Petra laid down on her back on the bench, put the radio on her stomach, and closed her eyes. She felt safe, hoping no infected would sneek up on her while she was resting.*


*Just as Petra was about to fell asleep, Petra heard what seemed to be an itialian man on the radio. Hearing some wise words, along with him supposedly being a friend of her friends, she decided to respond.*

Buon Giorno, Enzo. That sounds delicious, a drink, however lets not drink anything to strong. These days that is not to good. I know that friends of Pavel used to drink a lot back in Zelenogorsk... 

*She giggled, followed by a sigh*

Absolutley, I hope I run in to you. Grazie for the kind words, ragazzo.


*Petra saw some infected further away that were roaming of the limits of the town. She took her knife out, and took down two of the roamers, just for saftey. Then she walked in to one of the houses, a cute, green one. Luckely she found a bed in somewhat good condition. She placed the radio on the nightstand, along with her glasses alongside it. She put her jacket as a blanket, closed her eyes and fell asleep.*

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*Jacket responds as this time his voice would be clear, he lets out a sigh before starting to speak in a thick serious tone*

'Sometimes the right path is a lot harder to find than it seems,

 Sorry to hear about the pain of your path, Wish you luck,

 * A few moments of silence *

And uh... Appreciated. '

*He lets go of the PTT button*

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*Felix hears his friend's transmission and can't help but notice the negative tone, he picks up his radio and pushes down the PTT carefully, before speaking*

"Hey...um Petra...it's Felix!

*He takes a breathe, and then continues*

We're not close but I consider us friends, if you're ever feeling down or in need of a conversation, I'm always here to talk...

*He looks up to the clouds*

...Don't be put down by anything, you're a strong woman...stay safe Petra...stay safe friend."

*Felix looks down into the soil beneathe him before releasing the PTT button and knocking back the rest of his whiskey*

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*Petra, who still was on a parkbench, however now she was about 5km away from the previous one, heard her backpack starting to speak. It took a second before she realized what it was, and when she realized she quickly pulled up her radio and listnes to felix's message.*

Thank you Felix. I know we are not close, but you seem like a good man. I must say, thank you. Thank you for all of you who responded and are there for me. It warms my heart. I am happy I have you.

Felix. I hope we meet soon. Hopefully we can get to know eachother better. Maybe I can get to know your two friends I met once. Jenny, and the man I don't remember. 

I'll see you around. Thank you for the kind words, it warms.

*Petra who was still sitting with her backpack in her knee, placed the radio in it again, this time in the outerpocket, easier to reach. Then she leant back and relaxed once again, thinking about what the future would hold.*

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