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Hey Gabriel I found your brother... (Open Frequency)

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reesesaddict    28

*Ryan grasps his radio and presses the PTT button excitedly*

Gabriel, Gabriel Fox, I found your brother Oliver. He is well. I saw him in Kab earlier today. 

*Ryan takes a deep breath*

He sends his regards. 

*Ryan packs his radio and gets ready to leave*

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*Gabriel reaches for the radio stumbling over beer cans and liquor bottles his speech has a slur*

Oh yeah trust me... I heard that Oliver is back. That son of a bitch. Well quite f-frankly I need to find him. Perhaps you can... 

*Gabriel starts coughing*

Perhaps you can help me find him. Tell him his brother says hes an asshole... 

*Gabriel burps loudly and reaches for his temples*

My fucking head.... 

*He releases the PTT

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Raptor    159

*Jackson takes out his radio and proceeds to reply*

"This Oliver Fox has quite the hefty price on his head. It would be a shame if I were to get hold of him first. My employer's methods are... quite barbaric."

*He releases the PTT and sets the radio on the table next to his bed*

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