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To Cowboy - [Private Freq]

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*Jericho sighs as he looks over the table full of H.A.M. radios, all tuned to different frequencies. He grabs one of the several microphones and begins transmitting on a well known frequency he used in the old days in order to contact friends.*

"This is Jericho Riker broadcasting to a one Tyler Mitchell, also known as Cowboy. I am requesting a meeting to discuss some rather unsettling intelligence that my network has brought forth before me. I think we both know what this is about ole friend."

*He pauses.*

"I want to speak about this in person, so you respond with a suitable time, and I will respond with a suitable place. But before we even have this talk, I will state this. You better not have touched the damn booze, or there is going to be more problems then you squatting on my land."

*He ends the broadcast.*

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