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Oliver Fox [Open]

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*With excitment and frustration Oliver picks up the PTT


*Tosses the PTT out the Window

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*Gabriel takes a can and throws it out the window and angrily reaches for his radio. He presses the PTT*

Well look who it is... If it isnt my dear baby brother. Ohhhhh Oliver the shit storm you have created here. Im so glad I followed you here. And Im even more glad that you're deciding to show your face. I agree I think its time for a bit of a family fucking reunion too. So where are you Oliver huh? Where can I find you? 

*His voice gets very dark*

Give me one reason brother.. One reason to not tear your fucking heart from your chest and display it to all the lives you've ruined. 

*His voice lightens up*

As for anyone else on this frequency who may be listening. You know who to find. And you know who to bring him to. 

*You hear the radio slam on the table* 


*Static as the PTT is released*

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*Jack is driving down the road and hears the radio come to life, he pulls over to respond*

Well holy shit. Saw both of you today. Huh what a small world. Well let me address Oliver first. Oliver why'd you leave us? Better question why is it that when some of the group went to look for parts for the truck in Kabanino they come back to tell me that you're with a huge group and coming with the intent to steal our truck? The fuck is up with that? Well I hope you got to it. I don't think it was to useful to you though.

*Jack releases the PTT, laughing with the boys in the new truck*

You know Oliver. I didn't want to believe it was true. I didn't want to believe that you were a so called serial killer and who knows maybe I'm way off base with that accusation... However your brother Gabriel almost took a bullet today because of you. What's up with that? Anyway I wont get in the middle of a sibling dispute. All I have to say is Gabriel you know how to get in contact with me if you need my help, and Oliver don't try taking what wasn't yours in the first place. Have a good night boys.

*He releases PTT and continues driving, thinking about those encounters that he had*

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*CJ gets woken up by all this chit chatter on the radio and decides to grab his radio*

*Holds down the PTT*

"Oliver Fox eh? I recognise that name. I think we need a little talk sir about some rumours floating arround camp hope. I'm sure you will understand. If this is the right Oliver then you would recognise this voice and know that I like to play."

*Releases the PTT*

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