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Allie & Sam [Private] 1.45

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*Maddie wakes up from her nap, she turns over to face Max giggling*

'How'd you sleep?'

'Pretty good princess, didn't you say you wanted to talk to Allie today?'

*Max yawns leaning over to his side of the bed, grabbing his radio, gesturing it towards Maddie, she nods as she takes the radio, holding down the radio PTT and softly talking into it*

'Heya Allie, not spoken to you in a few days now, hope you and Sam are all alright? staying safe I hope.'

*She smiles over towards Max gripping the radio tighter and she feels a hand rest gently on her stomach she giggles continuing to speak in a croaky morning voice*

'So, I ended up getting checked out, turns out I'm fine, nothing wrong, no baby. We actually thought about keeping it at one point, part of me is disappointed, I just know we could have never given it the life they deserve in this world. 

*She frowns nuzzling into Max's chest, she has a disappointed look on her face*

'Get back to me you two, I want to know everything's alright'

*Maddie sighs gently as she lays back onto the bed, passing her radio back to Max, she closes her eyes again, getting a quick peck on the cheek from Max*

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*Allie clibs on top on the havens industrial building before responding to the message*

"Hey Maddie.. hope you're okay. Honestly it's probably a good thing theres no baby. Think about trying to raise a child in this world.."

*She goes quiet for a few seconds before continuing*

"Im at this camp called the Haven, it's just east of Novaya.. there's some friendly people here, you and Max should come up. I'm with Dr. Jo at the moment, Sam's still looking for Josh.. we still haven't been able to contact any of the others..

*She pauses once more*

"Please come soon Maddie.. we shouldn't stay apart for too long."

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