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Luna the liar (Private freq)

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*Richard Harissa begins to think back on what happened. He thought about the lies and deceit but instead started to think differently. Perhaps she was forced to find information by the arsehole 'ricky steele' who sometimes ran rampant through L.I.F.E's primary clinic. And he wanted to trust her. Not for romantic reasons, but more out of desperate belief in the goodness of people. He thinks back on all the other people who betrayed his trust, Then started to think where he dug their graves.. 

He sighs and clicks his PTT button*


Im going to give you one chance to tell me the whole truth. You don't deserve it at all. In fact i should have let Dimitri slit your throat when he had the chance,  but I'm not like that anymore. I used to be like that a long time ago, but not anymore. I cant be like that anymore. 

Give me a time and a place and explain your story.


And if I catch you lying I will strike you where you stand.

*He shuts off the PTT.*

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Hope takes her radio hearing Richard being stubborn as usual.

"I knew I couldn't trust her as soon as she stepped in the campus. I still can't because she feels as if being tied to avoid harming anyone else and angry testosterone men can get her out of the fact she'd survive. Pointing a gun to someone's head and threatening their life was called survival by her and yet she still bare faced lied to our face. And when we called her good friend's Ricky Steele up, he didn't care one bit if she died. Great friends you've made, especially letting them carve an upsie down cross into your wrsist."

She mutters.

"I wouldn't give her anymore of my time or day."

She lets the transmission go static.

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