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DerSchnitzler's Trailer: The creation the DayZ Community Trailer 2016

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I saw that Lemons did his making-of which was pretty damn neat, not gonna lie. Now it's my turn. Hope you like it!

Link to the trailer:

1. The idea(s)

Now everything for me starts with a good base idea. Sometimes it gets switched around a bit, sometimes it gets thrown out the window imidiately. In the end, I went with the "Scrolling-Polaroid-Idea" which you can see in the trailer. But that wasn't my only idea.

See, in my head I though:"Ok, something mysterious, something original and something that keeps the interest of the viewers during the monologe." My first actual idea was something like this: Two men having a talk in a pub up in Russia. The one orders a bottle of vodka and then starts talking to the second guy, which would be the viewer. It would just be blackscreen with some ambient sounds in the background (something like this:

). But that would slowly fade out and only the man's voice could be heard.

Now, the second person (aka. the viewer) wants to go to South Zagoria for whatever reason. But then the second warns him of what's happening down there with pictures fading in and out once he talks about a certain topic (He talks about the clowns: Picture of a person wearing one of their masks appears) Now, because I thought that it would take a bit too long and that it would be a bit boring to listen to all of that I threw that idea out of the window.

And then it come to me. The Polaroid-Idea! I originally wanted to use some of my 400-something screenshots (I know I have a problem) anyways for the trailer. But only a few of those (still 70) made it into the trailer. Now seeing as what I wanted to do wouldn't work with only 70 screens, I asked for a little help. I asked Phoenix if I could use some screenshots from the Outrun Media Thread, which she kindly allowed me to use! (Thx again!)

2. The Equipment

Now equiped with around 140 screens, I was ready to turn them into the Polaroid format (which would have taken way too long if my friend Max wouldn't have helped me, thx aslwell boy!). The next day, I finished the rest of them and then went on to the actual video editing. Again, Max helped me here. Seeing as I didn't have any propper editing software downloaded at the moment, he helped me out and edited it on his his PC with AfterEffects while I told him what to do via Skype where I could also see what he was doing on his PC.

3. The creation

After some more thoughts and ideas and the completion of the Polaroid part, we went onto the quick "Promotion part" with the aspects of the community. We only used 3 because we didn't want the whole screen full of things ;). After that I kinda faked Ubisoft and their trailer for "The Crew" with the whole "Be... [iNSERT COOL THING HERE]"-Thing. We thought of some things which I allready saw ingame and also stuff I'd love to see ingame someday like the Artist, the Ranger, the Author, the Pacifist, the Anarchist, the Beggar or the Gunsmith. And after that we simply finished it off with the website and a "And tell your own story"-thing. That was pretty much the end of that.

Later I sent it to Rolle (at the ACTUAL deadline mark, not the extended one. Thanks again for making me incredibly stressed throughout the week :() and waited for the week to pass by until we would find out, who wins the competition!

Hope you found it interesting to read! Have a great day and wish me luck :D!

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