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To Someone Named Tyler [Open Freq.]

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*Kelsie taps her radio thoughtfully with her index finger as she holds it. Looking down to a sleeping Austin, she gets up and goes outside, sitting on the front porch. Bringing her radio up to her face, she decides to speak quietly, not wanting to disturb anyone sleeping in the town*

"This is to ah, someone named Tyler."

*She bites her lip as she says the name 'Tyler', remembering her lost Australian friend whom she called a brother. Taking a deep breath, she speaks again*

"You probably know me as Kelsie. I was told you were looking for me by a close friend a few days ago, why you're looking for me I don't know but if you hear this, 'Tyler', then we can arrange something so we can speak. I guess I'll be waiting for your response here, and if not, then I guess this was just a waste of my time."

*She sighs as she releases the PTT, clipping her radio back to her belt as she leans against the closed door behind her, deciding to stay outside a little longer*

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