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Ju Ju

Still breathing some how (open frequency)

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*Veronica sits against a wall using it to help her stay up right as she speaks into the radio though her voice is hoarse he Irish accent can be heard*

This is veronica its been a good week or so since i was shot and went missing i heard a fragmented radio broadcast from someone saying they were looking for me but at the time i was to weak to answer for not getting back to you but i was dealing with my wounds and making sure that i was going to still be breathing but i'm alive i am held out in a house on the coast till i am more stable i'm safe and alive sorry for making everyone worry 

*Veronica lets go of the transmit button and curls back up into a ball and goes back to trying to sleep though the pain*

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*Kelsie picks up her radio, pressing down the PTT*

"It's nice to hear you're alive, Veronica. Don't go getting yourself killed, alright?"

*She thinks a moment before speaking again*

"If you ever need any help medical wise, you can just radio me, I'm normally not busy. Your choice though. Stay safe, don't go getting shot again."

*She releases the PTT and lays back down next to Austin passed out on the bed*

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