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Jack the Ripper

Message to Anton (Private Frequency)

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*Ivan leans back in his chair, pressing down on the PTT.*

"Hey, Anton ol' buddy. What.... what the hell happened? I go away for a few weeks and I come back and hear that some shit went down, Kirill gets all up in arms over capturing you, and apparently some more shit goes down, and all of a sudden you just.... off and leave?

What the hell happened man? I mean, we didn't really speak all that much but you were decent company when you were there. Get back to me soon pal, I need the details of what I missed."

*Ivan clicks off his radio and waits.*

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*Anton gets out of his bed, grabs his radio and steps outside of the tent, leaving Ellie behind. He sits down under a tree and pushes the PTT button down.*

Hey, Ivan... we haven't talked for a while now, how are you doing?

*He sighs.*

Kirill couldn't controll himself and messed with a friend. I held him up to make him release her, it worked. A week later he takes my best friend hostage to bait me in coming to him, first thing I see is Johnny tied up and Kirill shouting at me to put my hands up.

*He chuckles.*

I obviously didn't come alone and he was greeted by three guns on the back of his neck. I made him pay for taking my friends hostage, but I didn't want to kill him without all of you knowing. I told the rest over our private frequency and talked to Duncan in person, your brothers mainly agreed or didn't care at all. I told Duncan I would stay south for a bit to prepare.

*He pauses.*

Well, apparently the private frequency was changed or something, since I can't find it anymore. 

Next thing I hear is that some of your brothers want to hunt me for leaving them. I have no idea why they think I left them, you yourself said you were gone for weeks, but I guess they don't care.

*He sighs.*

I wasn't aware of me leaving, but I guess there is no turning back now. 

I won't come back. 

I had brothers who stabbed me in the back before and now a second time. I am done with this brotherhood bullshit, we are all on our own in the end, so why even bother?

*Anton releases the PTT button and puts the radio down next to him before taking out a bottle of whiskey and starting to drink from it.*

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