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I am not a hitman

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jakeGodwin    0

*Vladimir leans back on his chair as the rain patters against his neck*

                         For how long have I now been in this god forsaken country, a year? two? My name does not matter, neither does my

                         previous occupation. It has become increasingly more difficult to, how you say... "deal with someone" these days and 

                         it has become a lot harder to arm yourself to do so. 


                                                           *The radio cracks as he gestures his spotter to ready his rifle* 

                         I am not a man of god, or a man of  good intentions, I am simply a man trying to survive. So I am making a small 

                         proposal; for food on the table, a man can cut down some trees or mine some coal, for bullets in his gun a man can

                         do a number of things... but make no mistake, I am not a hitman...I am but just a man, trying to survive.

                                                        * A sudden crack from a rifle rings out as the transmission ends* 

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