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Rough Rider's M.C. Looking for lost brothers. [private frequency]

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*Cowboy sits in the President's chair at the end of the club table, holding his radio in hand as he talks.*

"This is a message to all fellow Rough Rider's brothers out there, this is your president and brother speaking, Snake had told me you all might be on this frequency, the ones who we haven't found yet.  Campbell, Vega, do you boys come in?  Where are y'all at?  We miss you brothers, and hope to see you soon, the club is almost back at full strength, and it's quite a good feelin', any other brothers who are with us, check in on this frequency to make sure we all know who's still safe."

*Cowboy sets the radio down in front of him, watching it closely, hoping, and waiting for a reply from his lost club brothers, or his new club brothers as well.*

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