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Hello ! im new

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Hello everyone just joined to day my name is Igor im from poland , been playing dayz since the mod i live in canada mountain time just working on getting white listed hope to see you all in chernarus someday ..... if i can find the passphrases that is.

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Sup new guy <3

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Welcome :)

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in soviet chernarus, passphrase finds YOU

welcome to the community good sirrrr!! c:

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Good morning,

Welcome to DayZRP Igor.

I can recommend you to look at The Rules and The Newcomer Guide for the passphrases.

Also a tip: Read the text out loud, trust me you will find them.

I can also recommend you to take a look at the Guides & Tutorials for some tips to get around.

If you have any questions you are welcome to join The Helpdesk '' Waiting For Staff Help '' channel on TeamSpeak and me or another friendly Community Helper will assist you. Also don't forget to whitelist for TeamSpeak.

Have fun and enjoy your stay! :D

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