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Message to friends of Scott Barnaby (Private Freq.)

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:: Declan picks up the radio sitting on the counter, and looks at the stuffed dog sitting next to it. He takes out a piece of paper he found in Scottie's small bag, and tunes it to a frequency that only "Friends" would know. He rips off his gas mask, and speaks into the radio with a very raspy voice. ::

Friends of Scott Barnaby.. I have a message to give to you people.. *Paper could be heard before the radio cuts out, and cuts back in* My name is Declan Slade.. Scottie's uncle, and the only person he "Really" fears in this world. I had the opportunity to take this child when you people turned an eye for a few minutes, and his life now rest in my hands. I made a few calls and Scottie will be punished for running away from me with Charlie... Don't worry he will not die, but he will be brutally tortured, both mentally.. And physically. He did to much to me when he left me... He ran from me, and all I wanted was to help him through this horror... *A child's voice would appear in the background, "That's a lie!"* Shut your mouth before I rip your tongue out! *A quiet "I'm sorry" would be heard barley* Anyhow... The boy will be judged and... Well I'm not going to explain myself once more. Don't try and find me... You won't... And if you do try.. He dies. *Declan Turns around looking toward the boy who is shaking with fear. He smiles and slowly approaches him with the PTT still held.*

Ohhh Scottie boy... *Scottie voice would plead before the radio cuts off* Please Mister Slade don't hu-

:: Declan takes his finger off the PTT, and smiles. ::

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*Niko hears the message, immediately replying*

"You keep your hands off Scottie you mother fucker!"

*He pauses, thinking about the plane he made for him*

"Scottie, if you can hear me...don't let him take that plane from you."

*Niko throws his radio down*

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:: Declan would pick up the radio to respond. He smiles and holds down the PTT ::

Oh really.. Don't even try and come for me you stu- *Broken glass would be heard, And you hear a sound of a gunshot that can only be defined as of the Magnum pistol variety.*

:: Scottie's voice would be heard as the radio still transmitted with Declan's finger on it :: 

No... No, no.. This can't be true... You're dead.. DeMonte.

:: A light southern voice could be heard and the radio would be smashed after this sentence is said. ::

That's "My" property.

:: The radio cuts out. ::

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*Josh presses down the button*

Stay away from scottie! He's done nothing wrong!

He was always my best friend, he's not a bad kid!

*He releases the button*

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Mack tunes into Scottie's private frequency just as he hears the message from the man on the radio. He sits up from his bed, listening closely. After hearing the message, he responds with a deathly serious tone over the radio.

"Alright, listen here you cuck fuck. I don't know who the fuck you are but I know Scottie has a fucking letter to write to Santa so I'll make this short. Once again, I don't know you, you don't know me, but you sound like a fucking pussy, so this is your one and only warning.

Let. Scottie. Go.

You've got twenty-four fucking hours to return Scottie to where you took him from or I will rain unholy fucking hell on you and anyone you associate with. Anyone who knows me knows that I will do this without fail and without hesitation.

Twenty-four hours. Have a good day."

He releases the PTT and drops the radio, wrapping gauze around the gunshot wound behind his left cheek.

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::All responses would be met with static as the radio was smashed when DeMonte finished his last sentence::

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A french-accented servant shuffles to the radio, trembling as she feels the cold barrel of the gun to the back of her head. With a slow exhale, she shakily pick up the paper and begin to read from it as someone depresses the PTT.

*PTT depressed*

"Ah...Mister Declan, no? You have spurred the interest of m-my boss. Surely, if you press the little b-boy that was with you, Scott, is it no-

*a soft prayer is heard under her lips, murmurings of "Just a boy, Sir.." *

...not? Then he will know of the man who had seen and nurtured a hope for a new Kinship with him which he gracefu-gracefully looked away from. And he will know of this said man's private frequency.[PM] If you..ahh..get in contact with this man, he has a few specific demands and a lot more to give if you fulfill those de-demands.

Au revoir, monseiur.

*a shaky sigh of relief is heard before the transmission cut off*

"Donne-nous aujourd'hui notre pain quotidien. Pardonne-nous nos offenses comme nous pardonnons aussi à ceux qui nous ont offensés" is softly heard in the background as the lady begs for forgiveness.

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