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Obituaries/Memorials [Open frequency]

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*A tired and deflated Hassan looks over the newly dug graves. He sighs as he wipes dirt from his brow and folds away his hand shovel. Remembering one of his duties as a White Helmet, he reaches for his radio and presses the PTT.*

Hassan here, Lead Responder of the White Helmets. One of our group's services is to ensure humane treatment for the dead. As such, we will bury any unidentified or unclaimed bodies we come across. They will receive respectful treatment, and will be marked with their date of death. If you come across such graves and know those who are buried there, please contact us here if you wish to know more about the circumstances surrounding their deaths. Usually, we cannot identify bodies as no ID is carried these days. We will provide frequent updates on this frequency whenever we find a body, along with the date of death and burial, as well as their location and cause of death.

Today...October 8th, 2016. Two men, buried on the outskirts of Stary Sobor, killed in a firefight, died of their wounds. Their grave is located on the road to Novy Sobor.

That is all for now. More updates to follow.

*Hassan released the PTT, said a brief prayer and carried on down the road.*

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