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Open Frequency

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*Fumbles with the radio turning knobs and smacking it around, Tommy presses the big button on the side, and begins talking with a thick New York Italian accent*

Testing one, two, is this fuckin thing working.........hello?

*turns knobs randomly*

Felix if you can hear me chief I got to thinking about the sunglasses and I got an idea. Kinda like a regular fucking entrepreneur, I'm thinking lets set up a store where we can trade shit to people. I'm gonna scope out a place in Novy maybe on the north or east side of the town.  If your interested ill see ya there...oh and um, Ronnie the bartender, if your hearing me bring some drinks...................ahh roger wilco or something to that effect,  **chuckles to himself*** I sound like a fuckin regular trucker over here...... 

*He forgets to release the mic for a minute or so. barely audible he says *

This thing is a joke, I have no idea how to call someone on this piece of sh....

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*Jamie fumbles through the different frequencies and finds the man talking, he sighs and presses down the PTT button*

"Listen mate, I'm not one for randomly talking to people on these frequencies but, considering the nature of the shitshow that is this country, you might not want to broadcast, even an idea for a trade station or camp of fuckin' whatever".

*Jamie sighs into the radio still broadcasting*

"There be people out there who'd be all over that stuff like flies of horse shit. Keep the idea to yourself for now. I mean no ill will, just, well ya kna, good luck on it and all that, but still, jus tryin' to help mate"

*He slides the radio back in his pocket and rests from the cold and closes his eyes*

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*Looks at his wares and store front and smiles, Tommy keys the mic and speaks in a classic New York Italian accent*

Well business has been good, If you get a minute and your traveling through Novy come visit Tommy's Trading Emporium.  Its right next to the ruski police station.  I got a little bit of everything.  Fuckin bandanas, coats and apparel, some farming equipment, a couple of heaters, some high quality weapons of fuckin mass destruction.  You name it I might have it.  Everyone is welcome me costa sue costa or whatever...Also if yous have any request this is the place to tell me, I'm a man of resources.

*unclicks the mic, and lights the torches around the shop.*

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