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Rough Riders message to Sandy [Private freq]

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*Cowboy pulls out his radio in the car, pressing on the PTT*

"Sandy, oh miss Saaaaaaaandy, were's this little stash of yours with our supply?  You remember what we said about lyin' to us boys, don't make us come find you.  Answer me on this frequency"

*The Cowboy tosses his radio on the dash of the car, lighting up a smoke as he nods to his V.P., Treasurer, and Secretary*

*Cowboy's voice chimes in*

"Sandy it's your lucky day, we found the drop off, you get our protection, and you get to live.  Congrats, you made some new friends today."

*The radio cuts to static as Cowboy places it back on the dash of the car, the club drives away from the stash point.*

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