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DayZRP is not dead.

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DayZRP is dead, DayZRP is dying. That's the best attitude to have, then it will never be fun, yeah! It's not dead. If you have a boring day playing DayZ that's on your own behalf. Make it interesting for yourself and for those around you, dive into the worst situation. Many people are taking a break from DayZRP for whatever reason, but you can't let one event make you say "I am done." If you get robbed just for your gear, so what. The RP wasn't there sure but it's an apocalypse anything could happen, it's no different than being robbed for whatever amount of cash you are carrying.

If everyone came back at once, if everyone jumped in together the RP would be there. If all of those who feel DayZRP is dying that have quit would just jump right back in with each other, the RP would be there. It is the domino effect. One man in the room talks loud, his buddies talk loud and soon everyone is loud so that they can hear each other. One person decides they have had enough of bad RP or boring RP so they give up, and soon more and more leave and the different qualities of RP brought by an individual are gone. RP is formed and progressed by the community, if you are bored just make things interesting.

DayZRP is not dying and it's not dead. If it feels boring at times, that's all you. There is always a way to make the most out of anything.

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