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The only place in South Zagoria worth being [Open Broadcast]

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*Rick runs his hands through his heroic beard, he takes a deep breath before speaking into the Radio*

"To the civilians across South Zagoria, this is Sgt. Rick Richards of the UN Expedition from Iceland. In our mission to preserve life across this region we will be setting up a safe area in the town formally known as Gorka. This encampment will welcome all civilians who act in accordance to the UN mandate in the region, bandits and criminals will be prosecuted by the members of the judicial department.

Our engineering division has been hard at work, and we have managed to restore partial electricity to a portion of the town for a number of hours a day. Further more we have running water throughout most of the buildings in the town, although it must still be purified before drinking civilians are free to take showers once a day. We will also be running a training program for those looking to learn survival, combat, or medical skills. Classes will commence on request and we only ask for food donations in return.

We wholeheartedly welcome all to come to the camp to find medical assistance, trade for supplies, or simply seek human contact. The UN will maintain a significant force in the area as it will act as a forward staging point for our forces. All those who follow our rules shall remain safe from any external threat and we can guarantee the safety of civilians when UN forces are present. To those looking to cause trouble we encourage you to avoid such action, but to those looking to cause harm let it be known that we will not hesitate to stop you.

All people will be treated fairly and no good natured individual will be discriminated against based on their race, religion or ethnicity. We seek to preserve human life and hope that this area will allow us to create a quarantine zone. Civilians who take part in this settlement may find themselves a chance to return with us when we return to Iceland. Those whom return will be allowed to serve in the Icelandic forces still present their and earn citizenship to the mainland.

We welcome everyone to join us in Gorka...The only place In South Zagoria worth being.

*Rick releases the push to talk and salutes the Captain as he walks by*

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*Radio turns on with some static*

OOoo people that come from Iceland *laughter of joy* can't wait to meet you guys.

*James turns the radio off with a big smile on his face*

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*Jason looks dissapointed at the deserted town, he presses down the PTT button on the radio wich is straped to his vest*

uuhm.... Sgt. Richards,....I'm standing on top of...what looks like a police station...and i'm not seeing anyone, did you guys already abandon the encampment or are you just out on patrol....Anyways i will be in the area of Gorka for a good while let me know if you are still there...

*The Transmission Stops*

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"Formally known as Gorka? So whats it called now?"

Adrianna walks into his office, giving him that 'why are you on the radio' look

He picks up the radio, letting out a large sigh


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*James overhears the  radio conversation and decides to reply to the UN Sgt.*

Well its good  to hear you guys are creating a safe spot for folks to rest their weary legs..

Would you guys mind if Blackwood pays you all a visit sometime?

*James pauses for a second*

Not to cause problems... Just to see how your restoration project is going and maybe donate some supplies to your cause if we like what we see.

Keep up the good fight gentlemen.

*James tosses his radio back in his bag and continues his patrol of vybor*

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