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About the group at Guglovo [Open Frequency]

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*Ollie picks up the radio, his hands shaking as he adjusts the frequency. He looks over to Hayley, sobbing in the corner as he holds the PTT of his radio*

*The voice would sound like that of a 14 year old*

t...this is a w..warning about the people th... that camp at Guglovo

*he wipes tears away from his eyes*

They... they aren't nice people. They t.. took Hayley, she is only 15 years old and she didn't do anything to them. They... tortured her, they have... cut out her eye... they took away her ear... they have scarred a smile into her face...

*he pauses for a moment, composing himself*

They did all this because we went with a group... me and Hayley were with a group of people and they... they "strongarmed" someone of their glasses...

b... be careful... they will attack...kids... we cant even... fight back

*he releases the PTT and starts sobbing again, overwhelmed about what has happened to his friend*

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*Ellie looks at the Hayleys ear in her hand putting it in pocket before pushing and holding down PTT button*

Oh no why would they do that.

*she pauses for a moment*

I think we should never visit that place again. I don't want to get taken by that people from town.

If you need any help just tell me.

*She releases PTT button and giggles walking in the forest*

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*Zubov leans back on a squeaking chair, holding his duct taped radio in his hand, pressing down the PTT button*

Guglovo camp?

*He scribbles something a piece of paper*

Da , I know those people.

The people there, be nice..?

I go pay a visit, not seen them in a while.

*He starts to mumble something in Russian , before releasing the PTT button*

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*Finishes the bottle of whisky before putting it under the table, while hearing his radio in his front pocket.*

*Smirks while taking the empty whisky bottle with two eyes in it*

*Takes his radio out, and presses the PTT*

*A broken gruffed voice can be heard*

"Listen here kid, you should choose better people to hang around with, they shot at a kid, they threatened everyone around them, they shot at one of my best friends, and listen here, for that you and your little friend suffered, call it revenge, because that day one of your friends got shot, and your friends will get killed, if they fuck with us*

*Looks pissed out the window and then starts speaking again*

"So listen here, we didn't harm a girl, we harmed a monster, i would never go so low to torture a young innocent girl, me and my friends killed a man because that man crucified a young girl and a young boy,  so ask yourself if its a good thing that, you are staying with that kind of people, that shot at a kid, and shot a man just for something they wanted, and put different people to knee in front of them."

*Hears the russian accent on the radio, and starts laughing in the radio*

"Yeah sure, come, be a fucking idiot, and try something, i dare you motherfucker."

*Takes a little break chuckling outside the area of the radio, and then he aproaches it again*

"All of the people around, know that the Purple Rain are cancer, liars, and fucked up people, who just want trouble, so make yourself a favour and kill yourselves, before i come and bash your goddamn skulls in"

*Slams the radio on the table, releasing the PTT*

*He sits on the chair and takes a bottle of whisky from the box, under the table, throws the bottle cap on the ground and starts drinking from it*

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*Zubov holds down the PTT button and responds*

Что? What you mean try?

*He pauses for a second*

I only say , pay a visit.

*He releases the PTT button*

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*Angus sits down beside his son Ollie and listens to the remainder of the story.*

*He reaches for the radio tuning it*

"Does this thing work? Ollie how does this work?"

*Ollie presses down the PTT. Angus then holds the PTT*

"Ahhh, so its on now? Brilliant. I'll make it short and simple then? Once I get the names of all of you. I'll come by your little camp and I'll sit down and I will wait. You will hand me one of your friends. One of the names I will surely have on my list. I will take that person back to Hayley and clarify that this is indeed one of the men. I will beat that person within an inch of their life and will toss them to the side of the road. I will then tune back into this radio frequency. I will tell you where he is, and you can come find him. Do you understand me?"

*Angus stands*

"You will hand over one of your people and their will be less blood! I am not playing games!"

"I will see you all shortly"

*He releases the PTT and turns to the crew, all in purple masks.*

"We burn that camp to the ground"

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*Anton hears the desperate threats and starts laughing. He grabs the machete he took from Hayley and inspects it wiping off the blood. He grabs Ellie's radio and pushes the PTT button down still laughing.*

Who am I talking to, is it you dad?

*He starts laughing before he contiues.*

Sure pal, I am turning myself in, I want to see what you can do... probably not too much. 

*He chuckles.*

Come on, we both know you are playing games and that's the only reason why we are talking, isn't it?

*He starts laughing again.*

Listen, you guys say that we were so brutal with a 15 year old, but you should realise that we went easy on her. So if you wanna have a little fun, find me with your little group of purple orphans.

*He pauses.*

I will be waiting for you... bring some painkillers... you will need them.

*Anton releases the PTT and watches Price trying to get Hayley's eye into an empty whiskey bottle.*

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*Pushes in the eyeball that he got from Hayley into the empty whisky bottle*

*He hears both the man and Anton talking, and he makes a furious expression while puttin the bottle down*

*He grabs his radio and presses the PTT*

*You can hear a broken, gruffed voice shouting in the radio*

"Ok listen here faggot, i want you to move your fucking ass tommorow into Guglovo, so i can personally kill you, NO ONE, AND I MEAN NO ONE*

*Takes a little break, coughing*

"THREATENS MY GODDAMN FRIENDS.I will bash your fucking skull in, untill not one, not one fucking person will recognise you anymore"

*Gets up and punches a tree, it can be clearly heared into the radio, that the tree shaked and also a crack into the wood*

"You just made the biggest mistake that you could ever do, in your little pedophilic life."

*He gets his mouth closer to the radio*

"I will be waiting, you piece of shit."

*He gets his finger from the PTT and puts the radio back into his front pocket*

*Anton and Ellie, are watching from the tent, how Price is just bashing his fists in the three, cracking the tree*

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*Angus smiles and holds down the PTT*

"Don't you call me pedophile. I am not the one hurting little girls."

"Why don't you save your breath my friend. You don't have a lot left. This will be the end of you when I get my hands on you."

*He takes a deep breath*

"Let your friends know, they will all bend their knees."

"I'll leave you with it."

*He lets go of the PTT*

"Fucking idiots. How did he know we were gonna burn the place?"

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*A gruff voice is heard through the radio, clearly troubled*

"It was... distasteful. For all it's worth, someone there was trying to... lessen the damage."

*Pause, continuing in a deeply saddened tone*

"She is alive? Isn't she?"

*The PTT is released*

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*Ollie reaches over and takes the radio from his father, looking over at Hayley again. He watches as the doctor checks her wounds. He holds down the PTT*

S..she is barely alive...she won't be the same

*he pauses*

You w...will regret attacking her

*he releases the PTT and watches Hayley being treated, forcing a reassuring smile over to her*

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*Alex smiles after listening to the amounts of arguing over the radio pushing down the PTT*

Well, from the things ive heard about this little... situation. I, am very excited to meet one of you supposedly waiting at our camp.

*He took a swig out of a bottle of vodka before continuing*

Maybe I can even show you how much damage we could have done. 

But im sure some of the people at the camp will get the opportunity to show you first hand hmm?

*Slowly he put the bottle of vodka back down onto the grass next to him and released the PTT*

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*Leaned on the fence, smoking a cigarette and looks at the road towords Stary Sobor, Price heard everything that was said*

*He finally takes his radio from his front pocket, scratches his head, as he did not sleep all night*

*Presses the PTT*

"Ok, so everyone in this region knows that we are good folk,

 i really don't care of your empty threats as you are just another nobody, you and your kids."

*Takes another drag out of his cigarette*

"On the other hand you little shits, are already known for causing trouble, and making people bend a knee as you said fucker on the radio."

*Smirks and takes a longer drag and resumes*

"We are here, we are waiting, and if you don't come, we are coming after you, and if me and my friends are coming after you, well your fucked."

"So lets say this, how about you and your friends, cut the bullshit, and run back in your little hole from where you came, before i will come and kill you personally."

*Flicks the ciggarete on the road, and takes his pistol out from the back of his pants*

*Starts talking on a sarcastic tone*

"That or we will take a knee in front of..."

*Clicks his pistol and takes a more serious tone.*

"Your rotting bodies."

*Makes a little break*

"So come on, make my fucking day!"

*Takes the finger from the PTT and leans with his back on the fence*

"Its time for bussiness."

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*Jon Picks up the radio *

Jon Says " Is this true ? If so you people are monsters , i thought you were my friends " *Sighs* " Don't look for me or my brother , i wan't nothing to do with you people"

You hear in the distance jon shouting " Fuck me ! "

*Radio Transmission ends*

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*He grins kicking dirt into the mans face. He walks from the barn building.*

*He holds the radio up to his face.*

"Hi. Angus here."

"What we did, that wasn't justice. Wasn't revenge. That was one part. More will come I promise you."

"This doesn't end. What you did to Hayley can not be undone!"

"I feel bad for Billy. After all we did to him... He still genuinely didn't know what you guys did."

*He pauses for a while*

"You will give me the name of each and every member right now. Over the radio you will tell me. IF ANY NAME doesn't match up. I will make sure the next victim dies. Understand me?"

*He takes out a cigar and lights it.*

"Now. Purple Rain have passed on their first message."

"Every time you see us you will bend your knees. Yes?"

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*Angus walks from the building to speak into his radio*

"Hello? Hi. It's Angus."

"To the people who have already said there part I need to ask you something."

"I want the names. The names of all your members. First names will do."

"If you lie... I will kill him. Simple. Tell me their names and he won't die."

*He pauses*

"You will all bend the knee"

"Keep tuned in. Ill let you know where the poor bastard is when we're done here."

*He clips the radio back to his belt and waits outside for a short time*

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*Mason recognizes a few voices and decides to speak into his radio*

*Mason grins before saying the first words*

"A man threatens to bash your skull in until no one recognizes you anymore"

"The man acts though going into battle... But get's punched on his nose heading straight for the ground."

"The man is stupid, the man is weak"

"Torturing children is what this man does in a week"

"Good folk they say they are"

*Stops for a second*

"Vengeance will be taken for the kid"

"As her life is worth more for some then you could imagine"

"You take one life but we'll take yours too"

"You fire your musket but we'll run you through"

"So when you're waiting for the next attack, you better stand as there is no turning back"

*Mason cuts of the transmission*

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*Angus takes out his radio as he walks out of town*

"Well. Billy is in Mogilevka. I told you we'd let you know where to find your first fallen friend."

"More blood is to come. I promise you."

"What you did to Hayley cannot be undone. What you did cannot be made up for with bloodshed."

"So we will beat you all down until you can no longer stand."

*He pauses as he takes a short drag from his cigar.*

"As I've said. You will all, all bend your knee."

*He clips the radio back to his belt waiting for a response*

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*Anton watches the flesh burn off, from Eva's ripped out jawbone. He remembers the message he just heard, thinks for a moment and then responds.*

But on this battlefield, no one wins.

*Anton releases the PTT button.*


*Anton listens to the man's message and starts laughing, hearing of bloodshed and Johnny. He soaks his bandana in fresh water and starts wiping the remaining blood from his mouth, pulling out small pieces of meat between his teeth and spitting them out. After he is done he grabs his radio and responds.*

Well, you are right.

*He pauses.*

There will be more blood.

 Do you really think "Billy" is that weak? We did worse to each other than you did to him...

*He chuckles.*

Stop using kids to rob people, pal. I won't show mercy just because a 16 year old tortured "Billy".

No, we have a kid too, but we are not hiding behind him like you.

Oh and Eva was with you at least working for you. 

I told you don't lie to me.

*He looks towards Ellie while she attatches Eva's ear to a necklace.*  

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*Hayley picks up her radio and winces from pain. She presses the PTT button and speaks quietly. Her voice sounds like one that a 15 years old girl would have*

"You are truly snakes, savages, monsters. Nothing less"

*She stops for a moment and moans a bit*

"Don't trust these people at the Guglovo camp. They just want to hurt you. Just like they hurt me."

*She starts crying quietly and quickly lets go off the PTT button*

*she keeps on sobbing and mutters to herself*

"They will suffer."

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*While sitting on the bed she takes out radio and holds down PTT button and begins to speak*

Hey there girl I am terribly sorry for what happend to you. I think I am going to say it again.

*she pauses*

How! Why!

Why would they do something like this!

*she pauses again*

These people are just not normal...

*she giggles, releases PTT button and lies on the bed putting the radio to backpack next to the bed*

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*Charles listens to his radio intently, laughing whenever the people from Guglovo threaten his people. After a while of listening he gets bored, he twirls the knife that he used to cut off "Bill's" ear in his hands and then throws it at the wall. He leans back on his chair and sticks his feet up on the desk. He starts to whistle maniacally. After a few minutes of doing this Charles brings his radio up to his mouth and starts to speak in his thick American accent*

"Now, I'm not going to put this lightly. I'm not gonna sugar coat it, I'm not gonna hold back. I don't care if your names are Bill, Bob, Jon, or Fred, you're all gonna die. Now whether that be from fighting eachother to the death because me and my people told you to, or whether it be from bleeding out because you have no more skin left to hold all your entrails inside of your puny bodies, it doesn't matter how. You're all dead anyway. "

*He grins as he looks at the knife in the wall and notices that the blood from "Bill's" ear had dried up and now stained the knife*

"You signed your deathwish when you cut that little girls eye out, you signed it when you took her ear off and carved a smile into her face. The next time we find one of you, we're not gonna kill you straight away. See, killing you would be too easy. We're gonna make you wish you were dead. And when all your friends are dead, and Guglovo is nothing but a pillar of smoke, and when all you are is another useless pile of blood, bones and skin, you may die, but only because we let you."

*He sighs heavily, and then continues on dryly*

"You see, you hit me once, I'll hit you twice, harder. You kill one of ours, we kill two of yours. When you cut the head off the snake, two will grow back in its place. Now I'd tell you we're at war, but war requires two or more competent parties; and well, you're not all that competent are you?"

*Charles releases the PTT button. He takes his feet off the desk and stands up, putting the radio down. He walks out of the house and stands on the porch, looking through the forest he smiles. He pulls a golden crucifix out from under his shirt and holds it as he starts to recite Psalm 23:4

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me"

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*Angus, now angry takes out his radio to reply*

"You say 'Billy' isn't weak? Those didn't seem like manly tears."

*He smirks*

"For the last time. I don't know who Eva is, but if you want to keep praying on the weak and innocent females then I'm sure the ones in our group that aren't just that can make you a weak and innocent female"

"Now shut the fuck up and come find me"

*He grunts as he stands from his bed*

"I am sick of listening to this stupid radio for you to put out empty threats. Next time I see you, you better hold the shit from falling out your ass and shoot me. Otherwise I will fuckin ruin your day."

*Angus slings his gun over his shoulder before taking the battery out of the radio and throwing it against a wall*

*He begins to whistle 'purple rain'*

"I fucking hate these cunts"

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*After waking up Ellie hears voice coming from her radio, she takes the radio from backpack and holds down PTT button*

Oh my more radio threats...

*she giggles before speaking again*

You guys are just making me laugh from all these threats. I mean on both sides now...why are these treats even needed? We all know what's gonna happen if you get us or if we get your people. We all know it from the beginning.

*she pauses again*

I'm just gonna say.

Last time you have joined different frequency and talked to us about "Billy" I remember I have told you exactly "I am looking forward to meet you soon"

well then again this is still a thing.

See you soon, hopefully.

And let's see what side I am going to be on.

*She releases PTT button*

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*Zubov , leans against a wall of the house he owns in Stary , he holds his duct taped radio in his hands , holds down the PTT button and with a thick russian accent responds*

Da , the threats not needed.

*He looks over to Svetlana and Pavel*

But threats came from your side, first.

And after those threats have not seen any action.

*He says something in Russian to Pavel , and they start laughing as the radio cuts out midway*

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