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To those in need of help 96.3Hz [Open]

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*Hassan looks over to Safar who holding up a large makeshift antenna. A few adjustments and his friend gives him a thumbs up. He nods back and crouches down, speaking into the walkie talkie.*

'Hello? If anyone can hear me, my name is Hassan Najjar, though most people call me Jibril...Gabriel. I am here with my friend Safar, say hello Safar.'

*A vague 'hello' can be heard in the background.*

'We are with a group of first responders known as the Syrian Civil Defence...although that name hardly seems appropriate, given our location. We are more commonly referred to as 'the White Helmets'. As you can see we...oh, well, you cannot see but...our name comes from our uniform. You will always find us wearing white rescue or firefighter helmets. We are in the area of South...Zagoria, providing aid to those in need. We are all first aid trained, and have first hand experience in crisis situations. If you are in need of help, be it medical or otherwise, please contact is on this frequency. We will respond as quickly as we can.'

*Hassan stops for a moment as the signal grows weak. Safar adjust the antenna and the broadcast continues.*

'And to any groups in the area, medical or humanitarian, we are looking to establish links with likeminded factions, in order to better our outreach efforts. We will be providing first aid and trauma classes for those interested in learning such skills, more information to come later on that. If you meet us, know that we are non-combatants. We have food and water for those who need it, but not much else. There is not really much to take from us, we are simply attempting to assist whoever is in need. Do not expect us to take up arms for any reason other than self defence, we are neutral and will not take sides in any conflict.'

*He stops, as if trying to remember something, before piping up again.*

'Ah, yes! We are also, taking in new recruits to our ranks. If you have medical experience, or experience in any emergency service field such as firefighting or search and rescue, we could use your skills to help a great many people! And likewise, if you share our goals, and are willing to learn our methods, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will arrange to meet in person.

That is all for now, my friends. I will continue listening on this frequency and will respond to any calls personally.

Stay safe, and may God grant you safety in these trying times.'

*Hassan releases the PTT and straightens up, looking at Safar, whose arms are clearly aching quite a bit. They cannot help but share a smile. Perhaps they can continue their work after all.*

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