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Surgeon looking for a place to operate (Open frequency)

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*Doctor. Goodfree shifts his full bag as waves goodbye to the trader he met on the road he picks up his radio and speaks into it doing his best to sound official while he speaks*

hello out there the name is Doctor. Goodfree of "the doctors without borders" otherwise known as the "Médecins Sans Frontières"  i'm not sure how many others from the organization made it in country or got out alive all i know is that  i just got back from a incursion into Russia for the past year  now i'm back in country looking for a good place to set up to set up to help survivors if anyone could point me in a good direction of where that would be id be grateful  other wise id have to set up in one of these houses and hope for the best ill be on this frequency for the time being again this is Doctor. Alexander Goodfree  and i am on station and ready to assist any survivors who seek me out. 

*Doctor. Goodfree lowers his radio and goes through what he just got sorting out the expired meds and the still use able meds into separate piles all the while listening for his radio*

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*Troy Bruce has been staring at the radio for some time now. Battery in his hand, freshly removed from the flash light, on the table beside the radio. He rolled the battery back and forth over his palm, contemplating what may happen should he give life to the the device.*

"I hate pubwic speaking.... *He muttered to himself.* "Fuck it."

*He reached out, grabbing the black box from the table in front of him. With a moments fiddling with the battery cover, the battery was soon in place, the hissing and crackle suddenly blasting forth from the little black box caused him to jump at first. With an air of caution, he began to cycle through the frequencies. Part of him hoping he hears nothing, the rest, scared that's all he will hear. His heart beating faster with each click of the dial.*

"....place to set up to set up to help survivors if anyone could point me in a good direction of where that would be I'd be grateful  other wise I'd have to set up in one of these houses and hope for the best I'll be on this frequency for the time being again this is Doctor....."

*The voice pierced the static, causing Troy to drop his radio in a mixture of fear and surprise. As it clattered to the floor the battery popped free, silencing the device.*

"Did that weawy happen? What to do... What to do..."

*Troy stood from the chair, pacing back and forth, nervously chewing on his fingernails, glancing at the radio. Stooping low he reached for the radio, his hand stopping inches from it, trembling a little before he snatched it into his hand. Plucking up the battery and replacing it in the radio, hoping the frequency was still selected he pushed the button. Several seconds of silence, broadcast over the air before he gathered his thoughts.*

"If this is the Doc that just wadio'd, I didn't get aww that message. But you said something about a pwace to hewp people. I.. I don't know if it's suitabuw fow you'aw needs, but I found a hospitaw beside a ski wift on the coast. It has some decent accommodation and um pwaces people could west and wecoupawate."

*Depressing the button, he places the radio back on the table. Cursing his speech impediment under his breath. Returning to his pacing. Not even sure if anything he just said would ever be heard. At least he tried, he thought. casting another nervous glance to the Radio, then out the window, hearing a growl from somewhere in the darkness.*

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*Hassan had been scanning the frequencies for quite some time. When the voice of a doctor from MSF came into clarity, he jumped at the chance to respond.*

'Hello, Dr Goodfree, was it? My name is Hassan, I am Lead Responder for the noncombatant civil defence group known as the White Helmets. We are currently looking for other medical professionals to assist in our mission, to provide medical and other support to people in the region. Your skills could be hugely helpful to us. If you are interested, please let us know. Otherwise, there is a camp we have visited just south of Novy Sobor called Camp Hope. They are also looking for doctors.

We hope to hear from you again, Dr Goodfree. Until then, safe travels.

*Hassan released the PTT. So there were still medical personnel kicking around. This was heartening indeed.*

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*Doctor GoodFree raises his radio and speaks *

Sorry for the late response my radio was acting up if you would want to set up a meet and greet i think i should be at the medical camp within the next hour or too ill be meeting up with them and seeing if i can help so look for me there

*Doctor GoodFree shoulders his bag and starts to head to the medical camps last known location*

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"Freeport is in need of an in house doctor, if you are interested, please visit Freeport and talk to someone"

Knowing hes not supposed to be on the radio, he takes the battery out

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