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*Mikal nestles himself against a tree trunk as he stares off at deer running what he estimates to be about 500 meters away.  He removes his ghillie hood and clicks his PTT button*

So here I am.  I have been away a long time and in that time I have made expeditions farther up north; each time trying to map out more and more of what I see.  There are herds of animals making their way back south and even a particular wolf pack I have been following during my travels.  I continued to look for more people but found none.  Each time I returned here things changed drastically.  I feel as though I no longer have a place here, that I am out of touch with those that continue to press on.  Much like in the beginning, I rely on myself mostly and feel as though no one else should rely on me.  Do not look for me for I will leave no trail.

*Mikal releases the PTT button and places his hood back on and pockets the radio.  He gets up from his short rest and disappears into thick foliage even further masked by a settling fog*

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*A man picks up his radio and begins to speak*


*He takes it away from his mouth*

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