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To Outrun, Friends of Serpentine

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*Carter continues to walk through the woods West bound as he pulls out the radio that was found on Jon Serpentine's body inside the Camp Hope clinic. He checks the frequency and holds down the PTT button*

"Hello? Is there anyone on this frequency? I'm a friend of Mr. Serpentine. I'm sorry to say that he did not make it. Jon put a bullet in his head and left detalied records of his travels behind him. I would like to personally give my condolences and assure you that I buried him and said some words to the Lord."

*Carter releases the button and awaits a response, trekking through the wilderness of Chernarus.*

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*After hours of not being able to respond due to shock, Jamie eventually picks up the radio as he slides down the wall of the barn overlooking Staroye, he then holds down the PTT button and eventually speaks after a while of silence*

"This is Jamie Thompson of Outrun, I er.. erm.."

*He sighs into the radio not knowing what to say*

"Thank you for letting us know man, I appreciate it. Fuck.. Erm..

You take care bud, safe travels".

*He chucks the radio on the hay and sits there emotionless, not knowing what to do nor think*

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