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A warning to anyone listening [Open]

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-Having just been running, Joseph composes himself and grabs his radio-

¨To anyone listening, I just met a couple of scary men in Kabanino. They were wearing clown masks and did not seem friendly at all¨

-Joseph takes the binoculars out of his backpack and scans the roads through the window, looking for the clowns-

¨One of them introduced himself as Mike. I had to pull a gun on him to escape. And to the guy who came upon us as they were speaking to me, if you're listening, they looked like they were coming after you when they couldn't get me. Good luck, my man¨

-Joseph grabs a chair and sinks down into it, puts down his radio and takes a sip from his water bottle, happy he survived another day-

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*chuckles before she replies*

Oh no... spooky people with clown mask in Kabanino?

Didnt see that before. 

That is really unexpected. 

Kabanino is actually a really safe place...  *giggles again*

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Suki hears the warning as she sits inside a burned out bus attempting to get a fire going, she begins shaking and immediately responds

C-c-c-clowns... You said? Oh, God...

She chews her lower lip as she begins to tremble

Th-th-thank you... I'll be avoiding that town. I always hated those creepy things since I was younger...

She packs her radio into her backpack as she starts looking around herself, her eyes darting to any slight movements in the dark

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*CJ hears the broadcast and puts down his can of tactical bacon to pick up the radio*

*Holds down the PTT* 

*Speaks in a rather annoyed tone*

"Clowns you say? Pff. If they was truly clowns you wouldn't of got away. There are so many these days that wear the masks and pretend they are some what relevant"

*CJ grins and speaks rather confidently*

"Maybe we could arrange a meet up to well gather some more information from you about these so called fake clowns. Even over the radio I can tell you would be an interesting person to meet"

*CJ Giggles*

"So if you are interested send a radio broadcast back"

*Releases the PTT*

*CJ goes back to his bacon*

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*Mick is intrigued by what the person has said*

These so called "Clowns" keep popping around the area, and I don't know a whole lot about them. Could you please describe their actions? What is their attitude? I am assuming they are hostile, but I would like to know more to give to my allies.

*he sits in silence while eating a rotten apple* 

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-Joseph listens carefully to the radio. He smiles as the voices crackle out of the radio, before he picks it up to speak himself-

¨It gives me great hope to hear your voices out there. It warms a lost soul. 

-Joseph clears his throat-

¨And to the man wanting to meet, if your still listening - They scoffed at me first when I asked if they were cannibals, but their intentions became pretty clear.. There were no doubt that these men wanted my flesh, but I'm not dying today. Also, I have no interest in meeting you as of now. If you want further information, we can take it over radio - it's safer.

-Joseph puts down his radio, swallows hard and wipes his brow, but before he turns off the radio another messages comes in wanting information on these men-

¨Seems like I've been lucky to escape considering the interest my initial radio message received. Well, the man in charge of the duo called himself Mike and the other guy had a slurred speach, but I think he went by Weasley. They were both dressed in green, were armed to the teeth and of course - wore a clown mask¨

-Joseph take a sip from his water-

¨The Weasley guy seemed unfocus, maybe a bit off. He chased after another guy and that's when my opportunity to pull a gun on the Mike guy showed itself. He told me he ran this town and it would not be wise to do anything with him. I told him to f-off, and sent him away before running away myself. That's about it.¨ 

-Joseph sighs and puts down his radio again-

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