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Laurel [Open]

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Kiko rummages through the remaining objects in her backpack, her hand grips the radio as she finds it and she gasps with relief. She pulls it out to check if it's still working, finding out that it is, she lifts it to her mouth


She shakes the radio, trying to figure out how it works

Laurel? Can you hear me? uuugh, I don't know how to work this stupid thing! I hope you can hear me, Laurel.

Some bad men found me and they took all my things. They took away the present you gave me.

She lets out a brief sigh 

 Hope you won't be mad at me! I will try to find it again, but I don't know where they... went...

I guess I shouldn't trust people. Luckily they didn't do anything... bad to me. 

She lowers the radio before promptly yanking it upward again

Oh! It's Suki by the way! In-case you couldn't already tell.

Gosh I'm so stupid.

She realises she hadn't released her thumb from the button and sighs yet again before placing the radio back into her backpack

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*Dalton holds down the PTT, raising his eyebrows, curious at what the present was*

"Uh, Suki was it? You got any identification of these dudes that took your 'present'? Clothing, voices perhaps? Maybe an armband color?"

"What was the present? Maybe I'll be on the lookout for the big badasses who took a little girl's tamp -uh- Teddy bear? Or whatever it was..."

"Whatever you've got in the name of information would help me recover your gift."

*Dalton releases the PTT*

"Whiteknight Low back at it again..."

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She hears a strange voice through the radio inside her pack, she unzips it and pulls it out to listen to the remainder of the message before responding to his questions

Uuuuh... Hello, yes... it's Suki.

They didn't tell me their names and I didn't see them too good.

They took a little gun away from me, it's what I use to make the dead ones leave me alone...

She audibly takes a sip of water whilst holding the PTT

One of them had some kind of mask on, I think it was one to help him breathe good.

She sits silent for several seconds as she attempts to recall their appearance

It was near that town with the big red barn! They tricked me into going into the woods and that's where it happened.

If you help me I will be very grateful!

She releases the PTT for a few seconds and sits smiling before pressing it again

I'll be in that town in a few hours! Maybe I'll see you there?

She tucks the radio into her backpack once more, smiling to herself at the thought of getting her gift returned to her

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*Dalton holds down the PTT*

"Not sure which town you're talking about, but I do believe I know the people you're talking about... if said mask had the proper colors."

*He sighs*

"If I see you around, I'll see if I can provide some assistance. Name's Dallio, by the way..."

*He releases the PTT*

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*Felix Night picks up his radio and he intrigued*

You say a man who wears a mask to help him breath?....

*sighs exaggeratedly*

I believe i know this man and his full name perhaps you may be interested to know, but if i do find this man i will let you have your way with him....... but of course for a short amount of time because this man is demented and since he has done this to you i feel i need to remind him about certain things we talked about...

*Pauses and paces back and forth*

Well that's enough about me, tell me what is your price, wait even better yet why don't you give me your contact information so i can arrange a meeting with you and we will see what will happen from there.... this will only be beneficial to me and of course you..

*Felix puts his radio in his bag and stares at his fireplace*

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*Laurel picks up her radio as she hears Suki's voice, immediately worried, pushing the PTT button*

Suki! This was bound to happen. The presents couldn't be less irrelevant.. I'm glad you're okay. I'll try to get you it back.

*Laurel pauses as she thinks of what to do*

You need to be more careful. I'm technically labeled as a bandit now..

*She giggles at the word 'bandit'*

I can help you. You mustn't keep leaving me for huge groups of guys you consider 'friends'.. Find me, Suki.

*Laurel lets go of the PTT button*

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