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The Haven Media Thread

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The Haven Media thread

This thread will be the place where we post our Screenshots and Videos. You got anything including us feel free to post it! :D

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Looking forward to seeing your screenshots :)

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Well nice sun rise over The Haven but no one around untill....


...Jay appeared on the roof like a ghost xD



When you thing "well nice weather let's sit on the roof!" and the weather changes all the sudden!

So I moved my ass of the damn roof down to Aaron and a few Visitors and well....


...it looked like Aaron had already started a fire for them.


But after all that sitting around today and the last week

i thought let's look around what I can find on a little Patrol.


And well..... I bumped into a few friends and got my self dry again while

sitting around a nice fire and having a nice chat with them. :)


But everything comes to an end so I moved back to The Haven,

in the pouring rain just to see this ..... so WTF guys xD



Here you go ;) just a few for the start :D

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Well let's see yesterday was a rather quiet day....


....until a few people stopped by for a bit of small talk. ;)


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So it has was quite a bit since the last post so....

the screenshots are a few days old or so but who cares :D

So it started with Shane snorting my SVD all the sudden xD


And well well then we had a nice big meeting and it was party time after it in a small ass room...



the only thing I can say is "just one grenade" xD


and thats all again sadly didn't have much time to be IG or make Screenshots

but hey maybe next time ;)

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Some cool stuff here. That last one looks super intimidating to stumble upon and be a part of. Looking forward to seeing more of your screenshots!

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Where are all the screenshots of Haven constantly getting looted by people? Videos of all the firefights at Haven? No? Still good content here guys :)

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Fort Haven, Stary Yar.


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