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Strength is Born From Fire (To:Coldwater) Open

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**Quickly pacing from one edge of the room to the other, deeply thinking about what he is about to do**

**He is standing next to a table containing all his worldly possessions, comprised mostly of weapons**

**The man quickly turns, and plunges a knife into the wooden table which stands before him**

**He then tapes the radio on and begins to speak as he sets it on the table**

[align=left]"This is a message to Coldwater" *Static* "For who is the last man standing? I once thought I knew.....I will not make that mistake again"

**Retrieves the knife from the table only to set it right back down with the blade being consumed by the flame of a small camping stove**

[align=left]"My name is Robert Lange, I send you this message for a single purpose....survival, not only for mine but for yours. I used to think a just cause was the key to survival... I was wrong. Now only one thing matters, STRENGTH!! For the strong shall rise, and the weak shall fall!!"

**Takes off his shirt revealing tattoos that riddle his body**

"You don't know me, or maybe you do. I was in a movement known as Alba 19...they abandoned me...they accepted people who disgraced what I was fighting for....AND NOW ITS ME!!! JUST ME!! THE LAST MAN STANDING!!

**Flips knife over to continue heating it. Picks up a bottle of vodka, and pours it down the base of his neck engulfing his body**

"I will continue standing at all costs. I have been watching, gathering, collecting information that would benefit me, watching every band of people who I come across, and only one wolf stands among the sheep. Who in South Zagoria is the first to fight, and the last to die? I have determined that the ruthless, the unwavering, the deadly, dominate these lands. Coldwater!! The only shot I have to truly survive this world, a gun in my hand, and a brother by my side is all I ever wanted."

**wraps his shirt around his hand, and picks up the smoldering knife**

"Coldwater has purged itself before rising from the ashes to be what it is today, growing stronger as I speak. I will purge myself just as they did, and rise. I wish to be one of you, no matter what the cost"

**Raises the knife, and forces it upon his skin where a Alba 19 tattoo was resting. The skin began to melt, as he released the knife the ink was gone.**

**Continuing to cleanse his body of the ink. Screams can be heard**

**As he finishes he can hardly let go of the knife**

"Strength is born from the fire!!!"

**Grabs a bucket, and holds it above his head**

"And from water a new life is born"

**The water rushes over his new wounds cooling them**

**Breathing deeply** "I wish to talk face to face. When and where"

**He then stand removing the tape, and starts to remove his gear from the table reapplying it to his body**

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A low, rumbling laugh transmits over the frequency.  It fades into a heavy sigh, before speaking in a thick Scottish brogue.

"Fuckin' hell, big man!  Here was me thinking that methamphetamine wasn't a thing anymore eh!"

"Tell you what.  This should be fucking interesting, if nowt else!  You want to meet?  Face tae face?  Hah!  Alright then."

He begins to chuckle, incredibly amused with himself.

"Alright then, skinheed.  I'll be in touch."

The transmission abruptly ends amidst more laughter.

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