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I will find you. [Open Frequency]

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*he sighs then in a shaky but angry voice he speaks*

This is a message to the bastard who took the women i cared about away from me...

*He clenches his radio and raises his voice*

I will find you and hang you from a tree with your own fucking intestines!

*he lets out a long shaky breath*

veronica....if you are still out there.. I will find you...

*He tosses the radio to the side*

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*Jericho listens to the transmission, then sighs. He would take out his flask, which is actually filled with apple juice instead of alcohol, and then takes a swig. He would push down the PTT.* 

"God damn it."

*He releases the button.*

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*hears Larrys voice over the radio*

What happened....?!

Details please.

Do you know anything?!

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*Hears someone who could use some help and decides to speak on it, holds down his PTT button*

"My name is Mr.Segato and my men and I would like to offer our services to finding these people that took the person you care about. Free of charge, we are real good at finding people. I would just need a little bit of information and this person who was taken will be found. 

*Xavier releases the PTT button*

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