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The Days of Logan Price

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After a long time, by himself Logan found a new family, new friends, a new home, where he could live and survive...

 He met Francis Byrne, a "gentleman", but the man couldn't stop being pissed all the time on this kid called Danny Hoej."Crazy kid" he said to himself, because in all matters Danny did not have all his mental facilities.He usually ran away when he heard gunshots, but in the face of doing something bad to another person, he wouldn't hesitate, to torture, scar or even end the life of his victim.


His Caretaker, Byrne, wanted to hide his darkest desires, by teaching Danny all the stuff he wanted to do, but his cover as a good polite man, kept him from trying anything in a public scenery, Price took his sweet time to understand what kind of cancer this man was.


Time passed, and he befriended a young redheaded girl, called Ellie, on her real name Ellizabeth Romero, and a young cannibal called CJ, a young lad with blonde hair that seemed to have a interest in Ellie, and at first she did aswell, at least in Price's eyes.


As the Head of Security, Price did his job more then well, and saved the lifes of several men in the camp, and ended a threat that was more than annoying to the leader of the settlement, Sam Ricketts.But his loyalty was repayed with a cracked voice, poisoned by a mysterious man, with a scar from the crazy kid, from Danny, and the problem was that Ricketts and Byrne started using him as a tool, Price noticing this he said "After all i knew, after all the crazy stuff i did, these two faggots, are thinking me such a idiot?". He started resenting the two, and in his head wished that the two would be gone, forever.


He ended the threat, with the help of his friends, and two new guys, Anton Riger, and Johnny Rauchen, people with distinctive ways of "handling" bussiness.


Soon after he noticed the sudden interest that Ellie had in Anton, but he left for the coast before he could see what was going on.


He spent some days on the coast, by himself, he started thinking of what happened, the events changed him, and even his solitary on the coast, made Price from the dauntless paragon, on a more of a darker, remorseless man.While he was around Elektro he found some people fighting over a Harley Chopper, pissed to see what the world had become he tooked out his pistol out and killed the two men without blinking, taking the ride for himself.Not long after that some friends that one of the two victims had, came after Price, shooting at him, even wounding him, badly.

Price killed the men, and patches himself up, as good as he could, rested for two days and when he finished repairing the bike, he was ready to go back home.

After those days on the coast he came back to the settlement, just to find out his wish, of Sam and Byrne dissapearing happening.

Anton and Ellie, were a couple now, and they were leading the settlement, which made Price suspicious, and made it clear that he is not up for head of security anymore, as he changed.Ellie and Anton agreed, offering the man in the inner circle, finding different things about what was going down, including the death of Sam Ricketts at the hands of his friend CJ, but Price figuring it out instantly that Anton and Ellie planned that all along.

*Smirks at Ellie* "Myeah, ok, whatever you say."

 Byrne was still missing, probably he ran away afraid of him being next, and he was right as Price made it clear that if he catches Byrne ever again, he would kill the man.


His old position was given to a man called Jarek Broz, that was allway acompanied by this wierd girl called Judy, that always said hi, way to often.

He did his job for a few days commited, making Price respect the man, even having the same oppinion on the Pagans, which Price did not like at all.

But that didn't last too long as Jarek and Judy left, for their own reasons.

One day, some russians came into town, that from what one of his new friend Jack said, messed with them, and this time they wanted to steal the bus on which Price worked with Alex to put it back on its feet.That couldn't go, so they tooked the two into the abandoned church and made them pay.Togheter, Johnny,Jack and Price made them suffer.Price was walking on a darker path each day, so not long after that day, he with his friends caught and beated a pagan to the pulp, ending with the pagan being shot on the spot.

//The development of the character will go on as the IC events occur.

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Nice read, everywhere I go people suddenly enjoy murder and torturing people... weird.

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