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Message to Max the killer [Open Frequncy]

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Having barricaded the doors and windows to keep the infected out, Zar Noble sits a the kitchen table of a log cabin in Zelo he will be calling home for the next few days.

With a bottle of whiskey on the table, a glass in hand and a longing for some ice blocks, Zar thinks back on an earlier incident at NWAF and smiles.

Zar grabs the radio and turns it on.

"Hey, Max. max the killer you there".......... only static silence on can be heard.

Zar takes a sip of this whiskey and tries again.

"Hey, Max, not sure if you can hear me or not, and if not maybe a friend of yours can relay the message to you"

"You should be careful when holding people up, you never know who they are affiliated too, or are connected in some way"

Zar pauses to take another sip of his whiskey.

"What a stroke of luck that after you held me up one of my associates found you in Stary Sobor shortly thereafter"

"Due to you not harming me or taking any of my items I thought I would show you a little consideration myself and ask my friend to let you go"

"life is too short to make enemies man. Shit life is too hard to make enemies"

"no hard feelings on my side man, maybe we will meet again under different circumstances"

"take it easy Max"

Zar places the radio on the table to hear if there is a response and listen for any other chatter, there is none.

Zar finished his glass of whiskey, turns the radio off and head off to bed.

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*Max holds the radio as he switches the channels. He listens to the entirety of the message before responding.*

"Uhh. Hi. I'm Max Dunne. Just like to say that I am not the man you're talking about so please don't get your scary goons after me."

*He pauses*

"I guess I'm just replying to let everyone know I'm not the guy this guys on about. I don't go by Max the killer."

*He releases the PTT and speaks to Maddie*

"Who the fuck is 'Max the killer'. What a shit name to go by. On second thoughts?"

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