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To Gregory Twysden [Open Frequency]

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*John happily reads through the note in his hand before pushing down the PTT of his radio.*

Hello Mr. Gregory, I'm not sure if you still remember me since you were mostly out of it during the procedure but I received your note up in Kabanino and I'm glad you're doing well. I do apologize that I wasn't able to professionally patch you up but at least you're alive.

*He pauses for a moment, contemplating his next few words.*

If you're listening and ever need a little patching up.. You know where to find us.

It's not everyday that we receive messages of thanks this way and it'll always be appreciated, so thank you.

Stay safe out there.

*He takes a short breath and begins to say something before refraining and ending the transmission.*

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*Aaron grins happily before pushing the PTT on his radio*

I hope you lovely doctors enjoyed my work.

I for one am sure he will never forget to smile

*Aaron laughs a little*

Ill put a smile on all of you one day

*Releases the PTT*

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*Gregory gives a slight grunt as the radio in his coat pocket comes to life. He fumbles to holster his pistol in his left hand and reach for the device situated on his right side. He listens intently to the message, then winces as another familiar, mocking tone squawks through the walkie talkie, the voice carrying all of its malice and menace even when disembodied. He waits and does his best to ignore the second message before holding down the PTT button. His voice is noticeably hoarse and somewhat strained as he responds.*

'My sincerest apologies for not returning to deliver the note in person, I misplaced it somewhere around Kabanino and could not spare the time to retrieve it. I am most certainly pleased to hear it was recovered by its intended recipients.

I am afraid my memory of the events is somewhat...fragmented. I recall several individuals coming to my aid, two men and a woman. If you were one of those people, then I extend to you my deepest gratitude, I am eternally in your debt.

*He releases the PTT momentarily to suppress a curse as a sharp pain shoots across his back.*

I may return at some point in the near future, the path to my recovery is long and uncertain. Until then, I will take the utmost care to avoid undoing the commendable lengths taken to save me.

That's all the conversation I have time for, unfortunately. Perhaps we may speak again at a later time. Thank you again for everything you have done.

Goodbye for now.

*He places his radio back in his pocket before unholstering his pistol once more. He remains in thought for a moment, before carrying on his journey.*

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*Aaron happily listens to the mans reply before pressing his PTT once more*

Be sure to come play with me again. Im getting hungry and you sound just as delicious as you were then

*Aaron keeps the PTT down as he eats the remainder of the mans hand*

You know what that was, It was your hand, Its all gone now and I want more. Ill see you soon, Stay safe and remember to smile

*Aaron releases the PTT*

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