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To The UN Expeditionary Group [Private Frequency]

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*Putting his pen down after finishing a series of notes, he pulls the PTT up to his face. He presses the PTT and his heavy Virginian accent resonates over the radio*

"To the men of the UN Expedition, this is Ian Kane, Deputy Commander of ATLAS. My leader has informed me that he would like to set up a meeting between our two parties regarding some... dangerous individuals. We'd like to propose this meeting take place in the Alter Radio station, sometime soon. You can decide the day, but he'd appreciate it if this meeting could take place sometime in the evening. We can discuss details further once you reply. I'll be waitin' vigilantly."

*He releases the PTT and places his notes to the side, sipping on a canteen.*

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*A UN Intelligence underling sniffs and puts a finger to straighten his glasses*

We hear you loud and clear Kane! I'll inform Intelligence of this meeting! Stay safe out there friend!

*The underling sneezes violently and goes back to sorting paperwork surrounding the many stockade reports of men getting caught drunk while on duty*

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