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Message to my wife or anyone who has seen her [public frequency]

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*Cowboy, now in one of the cabins in the L.I.F.E. Base pulls out his radio, shaking a bit as he looks at some of the new scars he has from his time in Russia as a pit fighter.*

"Hello?  My name.........  My name is Tyler Mitchell, some call me the Cowboy.  I'm looking for my wife, he name is Xela.....  Xela Mitchell.  She's pregnant......  With my daughter.  -OUR- daughter."

*You head a pause, crackling white noise can be heard as you hear a man sniffle back a small cry, a more broken voice of Tyler can be heard.*

"Honestly I don't even know if you're alive honey.....  But I didn't leave you or Taylor.....  I was taken......  I killed, I fought and I bled so that I could make it back to the both of you......  I love you.....  So damn much, and if anyone or you yourself can hear this and has seen you, PLEASE, for the love of God help me reunite with my family......  I'm head of security for L.I.F.E. Now as long side Dragoslav, I'm at Camp Hope, please come back sweetheart......  For the love of God please be alive.  I miss you, and love you.    Cowboy out......."

*His voice trails off, unable to continue to speak through the sobs he clips his radio back on his belt, grabbing his crossbow, and walking out of the cabin in the rain as he goes back on a patrol with some of his men, muttering to himself, "She's alive out there.....  I just know it, she's strong.....", as he walks off in silence, ready for whatever the night may throw at him and his fellow friends.*

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*Tucker thinks of his wife, and Cowboy's transmission reminds him of the sorrow he felt. That sorrow quickly changes to sarcasm fueled by anger as he depresses the PTT*

"Cowboy, I was wondering where the fuck you went off to. Camp Hope you say? Damn, the last we spoke, you and I planned to drive some of my cattle there. Oh boy that woulda been a sight no? Seems you lost your wife in the time gone. Well I sure do hope you find her, but just letting you know, you won't, and if you somehow on gods scorched earth do, tell me your secret, maybe I'll find mine..."

*He releases the PTT and sighs. As he sighs a few tears run down his cheek. He presses the PTT again and speaks with a solemn tone*

"How far along was she?"

*he releases the PTT and continues to listen*

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Rose raises a eyebrow when she hears cowboys voice she picks up her radio and slips outside sitting on the little deck outside and leaning against the wall as she presses the PTT to respond.

"Well shit, there's a voice I didn't think i would hear again,

Last I heard you were either dead or had run off with your new wife."

She pauses and mutters something under her breath before continuing.

"We need to chat about some things now that I know your still alive and kicking.

You have my frequency and know how to reach me.

Ill keep a eye out for your wife, and let you know if I see her."

She releases the PTT and goes back inside laying back down on the bed to try to get some sleep.

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*Chief would listen, thinking about the way the man calls out. Reminding him of the desperation he had once felt when he thought he lost his own wife. He sat there looking out at the lodge as he watched the camp silently*

"Hmm... I can respect a man for looking. I will keep my eyes and ears peeled. You will find her If you look hard enough just dont get your hopes up that she is alive..."

*The transmission fades off into the buzzing wall of static*

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*Logan looks at his radio, raising an eyebrow as he presses down on the talk button.*

"Cowboy? Damn... Thought you were dead... Wife? Hmmm... I'll keep my eyes out for her... Good luck out there, your going to need it."

*He lets go of the button, leaning back in his chair.*

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*Jericho would be sitting in his safe-house armory as he hears the transmission from one of the various H.A.M. radios he has setup. He listens over it and chuckles to himself before transmitting.*

"I told you not to get attached, men like us, we don't get happy endings. I tried being the nice guy, helping 'friends'. Was thrown aside after taking several bullets for you and your L.I.F.E. friends. Decided to go to Russia, tried following you, got mixed up with some bad Russian mercs, got shot in the gut, killed more people, for you, again.. Had to setup a network of information brokers to try and find you, stories came in, some said you were dead, cut my losses and came back to South Zagoria. Came back and was betrayed once again by someone who I thought was a close friend. Fuck you, fuck The Brave, fuck your friends, and fuck L.I.F.E."

*Before he ends the transmission, his anger at the fact that he was betrayed would get the better of him, he would smash a picture frame containing a photo he took of the night of the church attack at the summer camp. White noise would fill the airwaves shortly after as the transmission ceases.*

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*Martin, outside Chernarus but close enough to catch the voice of Cowboy on the radio stops and giggles upon hearing it. He turns his radio on*

"Now that's a voice I haven't heard in a while, haven't changed at all have ye Cowboy? Ya heathen. Wonder if yer wife's burn wounds 'ev healed? Lord do I miss the ol' crusade. I'm sure you do too."

*Martin laughs, then ends the broadcast*

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*Cowboy would look at his radio, wondering what Jericho was going on about betrayal.*

"Jericho, brother I never betrayed you, never intended to or wanted to betray a loyal friend. I was kidnapped, I can't thank you enough for coming to find me but you didn't have to do anything. I'm doin' my best here to hold on. You don't know how many people I had to kill just to make it out of that pit alive. You don't know the look of complete fear on a helpless Doctor or a helpless person in general trying to fend for themselves as you cut them down because if you didn't you would die yourself, I did what I had to do to make it back to my wife! These people, the ones who call me heathens, they can speak their peace I don't give a damn, what I care about is simple. My friends, the few I have left alive that is, and my wife and unborn child. You know where I am Jericho if you have a problem we can talk it out, but I won't let you stop me from finding her, I know men like us don't have happy endings, I've tried to hide the reality in that, but that doesn't mean we can't try our damnest to have one."

*He pauses, replying to anyone else listening.*

"I'll keep in touch daily, please if anyone has seen or heard anything, contact me on here........."

*The radio cuts to silence.*

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