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Ramblings of a kid.

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// Hi, it's my first time trying to write a diary for my character. I'm gonna try and keep on top with this. <3

September 26th 2016

Well, I found a book and a pen not too long ago, and I guess I'm gonna write in this thing, gotta have a place to put all my worries, shit like that. I'll try and keep up to date with what's going on. Don't know why I'm writing it like I'm talking to myself. But I guess it's fun. Nothing happened today, I just found this book and pen. Gonna go to sleep now, it's late as hell.

September 30th 2016

I'm writing this laid in a small bed, the duvets are kinda thin, burnt even, it's not warm, but it's comfortable. A damn sight better than sleeping on the ground I guess. And I have a desk, thank God. I don't think I could've written on the ground or on my own leg again. There's a fire roaring outside, and I hear the guys I met today talking. It's a nice situation. And I can sleep without an eye open for once. Anyway, I'll write about how I met them now. I guess.

About 3 hours ago, or something, I woke up from a nap in a town that the locals call Kabanino, I almost instantly heard voices and went outside to talk to the people. There was a group of around 5 people, they approached and nicely asked for food, so I handed over my surplus supplies. One of the guys took them and ran off, little rude, but, his people told me he was going to tend to his sick girlfriend. After a while of pacing the town, they asked if I wanted to go to the airstrip not far from the town. I told them I would, and followed them up there, where we met with the man who had left before. 

They eliminated the infected that were around for me and a man named Anton approached and asked if I wanted a place to stay, since I had told him that I was young. I obviously told him I would, and they took me to their village, a quiet little town named Guglovo. That's where you are now, future me. Anyway, that takes you up to where you are now, pretty much. I'll write again when more happens.

October 2nd 2016

We took an expedition to Gorka today, hoping to see if any UN cunts were around, no luck, apparently but it was a really fun walk, apart from Anton and Ellie telling me that I talk too much... And knocking me out... My head still hurts a little. But hey, at least I got a sword out of Ellie. And I barely annoyed her at all.

I met a pretty nice guy today, after the roadtrip, told me his name was Iceman, and he introduced me to his dumb Danish girlfriend, Liv. All jokes aside, they're both nice people, and I enjoyed spending time with 'em while they went to meet a friend.

October 3rd 2016

I decided to head to Stary Sobor today, as part of the food run, I found a small stash of like, 18 cans of food. The guys were really proud of me for that at least. Thank God.

After staying home for a while, Anton and I had another little disagreement, and I decided I was gonna head back to Stary Sobor again. I met Iceman again, and he tried to sell me to some guy who wanted to be my father, weirdo. I managed to get him off my back, finally. As I left the town, I heard him talking to a kid, pretending to be his father as well. The kid seemed okay with it, and kinda happy in all honesty, so I didn't give it much more thought.

 Scratch that. The kid just came up to our village crying that the man tried to kidnap him, apparently, his real dad saw what was going on and made the kid break his fingers. Sounds like the most crazy shit ever. Iceman took care of him after though, he was real shaken up from what he told us. Iceman's a real cool guy, can see why he's called that now. But then again, so are Judy, Ellie, Jarek, Price, Jack and Anton, even if we do all have our fair share of arguments. 

A group called the Pagans visited us earlier as well. They called one of us a piece of broccoli, so stuff got a little tense. I don't want to kill anybody. But I want to defend the people I've grown to care about over the past few days. I'm so confused. What do I do? Stick to what I've known all my life and watch everybody I care about die? Or kill all of the Pagans with my friends, and continue to live like this? As I write this last part it's pitch black, but I'm gonna take special care to go over my mistakes in the morning, as this needs to be something I don't forget about. Goodnight again.

October 4th 2016

The radio communications between us and the Pagans have gotten intense. They insulted Anton and Ellie, Josh and Elena. The cunts. They're really starting to piss me off.

A girl came around just now, she was crying her eyes out, had open cuts and huge bruises. She got taken her into a house and had her cuts tended to Price, they had me fetch some stuff for her. I'm not allowed inside the house until she's better. But I can overhear what they're talking about. I'm disgusted. What the fuck did she do to deserve what happened to her? I don't know her name yet, but she got asked if she wants to stay with us. She doesn't know, yet.

She's just come out now. I've been told to take her to a house where she can get some sleep. I'll write later, I don't wanna annoy Price or Anton.

Well, she's kinda nice. I guess, she's quiet, shy, and pretty. I think she might be a local, judging by her accent. She's gone to sleep now though, I think, I haven't heard from her in an hour or so. Guess no news is good news.

She came out of the house and sat down. Jack keeps telling me to talk to her, but I'm no good at talking to people I don't know. It's weird. I'm great at talking usually. In fact, it actually makes me really mad that I can't talk to strangers.

It's been a while since I last wrote. The guys took two Chernarussian's hostage after they tried to steal OUR bus. Eventually, they let them go. They'll learn not to steal again. I wouldn't usually give a fuck about this, but Ken radioed us about 10 minutes ago, saying that those guys were headed to our village, probably hoping to take revenge. I'm writing this locked in a house with this girl. I'm not afraid. But she might be. I can see that her face has a bit of fear in it. 

Fuck it. I can't bare to be locked inside here anymore. I'm getting out.

She came with me, we're both sat in the sun now. It's great. The guys never showed up. Bitches.

The girl is still minding her own business. But I spoke to her personally about her joining us. The guys thought that it would be better if somebody her own age spoke to her about it. She still doesn't know. But she opened up a little more to me. That's great. I'm glad she's feeling more comfortable.

I was about to get to sleep, when I hear Anton shouting at me down the radio to go East of Guglovo. Apparently they had a Pagan MC hostage. Ellie blew his kneecap off. They burned his face in the fire. I know I shouldn't laugh, but after all they've said and done to us. They can burn in Hell, for all I care.

October 5th 2016

My brother is 15 today. I know he's out there somewhere. I'll find you someday. And mum. Then we can all go back to how it was before all this happened. I promise. I'll become stronger and protect you all.

October 6th 2016

Today's a day to celebrate. It's my birthday. I'm officially 17! Fuck you Anton, I'm not technically a kid anymore. But hey. I hope we'll go meet some of the guys today. Should be fun!

Well, I'm near our village, it's night, I'm with Jack. He told me we can't go home tonight, just in case we get into some trouble during the night. I'm scared, honestly. But I have faith that Jack will take care of me. And after today, I'm sure I can pull the trigger and kill a man. I'm sure of it. 

Well. I guess I should write about why I can kill somebody now. Ha.

Okay, so. After we ate in the morning, we went outside and took a small hike to Novy Sobor. While we were there, we started a fire, which attracted an ex-CDF member. Price decided to fucking pick a fight with him, so we made him surrender and drop his guns on the ground. I picked up his gun, just in case he escaped and tried to run here and take it back. But anyway. I digress. Price cuffed him and made him go into a forest above Novy Sobor.

I followed. 

When they got there, they questioned him relentlessly about his CDF squadron, and why he was still alive. He told us about a girl that he wanted to protect. And then he admitted she was probably dead. Which Jack, did NOT take kindly to, and lectured him about that. Then they kicked the shit out of him, until he cried. Fuck, it hurt to listen to, they'd broken him. But they're my people, so I had to allow it.

Eventually, his sobs and his screaming became way too much to handle, and I ran into the forest as fast as possible. I wasn't planning to come back.

But, Price radioed me and told me to come back. I told him I wasn't gonna. And obviously, Anton had something to chime in with. "Come back kid, or else."

So obviously, I came back. For god sake. I came back. I was told to take out my gun, and shoot him. They held a gun to my head and made me shoot him. So I did it. Nobody was around to help me, Ken didn't come and calm everybody down, Iceman didn't come take me away from it, nobody could help me this time. I was forced to do it. 

After he died, the guys started picking at his dead body. Ellie had already bitten his ear off. And while I was looking away, I heard a god damn squishing noise. So I looked back. And then found that SOMEBODY had poked the poor guy's eye out. There's still his blood on my face, and my arm. It's so awful, I'm fucking cringing, just thinking about it. Jesus.

Worst birthday ever.

Goodnight world. Goodnight Jack.

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Nice read, I just realised that yesterday was the first time Corey saw what Anton does in his freetime... well RIP my nice-guy reputation. ;)

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Thats lit

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Itslit +1

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And then found that SOMEBODY had poked the poor guy's eye out. 

Aw come on it wasn't so bad :)))))

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And then found that SOMEBODY had poked the poor guy's eye out. 

Aw come on it wasn't so bad :)))))

Well it was worse tbh. I ripped his jawbone out, you poked his eye out, Ellie ripped his heart out and Johnny cut his head off....

Good read. 

You have to be 18 to not be a kid anymore. :troll:

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