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To the Blue Beret Guy. [Open Freq]

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*CJ stops running as he thinks he is safe, waits a moment to catch his breath before reaching for his radio*

*grabs the radio and holds down the PTT*

" Look I have not got much time to talk to you. You have been offering people a box of ammunition for my head or for my capture. Several sources have stated this!"

*Takes a deep breath and talks with a confused/unsure tone*

"But when me and my men found you, you said you had to deliver well a MASK to me but instead you throw the ammunition box on the floor to give me. I am curious why you want me captured so much, but then lie to my face. If there wasn't possible dangers arround I would of spoke to you. contact me if you have a relevant explanation why, or else I will automatically assume you are hostile and hunt you down to tie up any possible lose ends. "

*Talks with a normal CJ tone*

" If it was innocent way of contacting me, asking arround like that will end up getting you killed "

*Releases the PTT*

*Hears sticks breaking and people shouting so starts running once more*

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*Tim picks up his radio at the sound of the person throwing threats*

"Listen up, pal. I don't know if you've realized this but chasing after, hunting and threatening to kill a member of the UN probably wont

go well for you. Or the rest of your fucked up buddies, they are here to help maintain safety and order while attempting

to speak OR remove scum like yourselves."

*A small laugh can be heard before Tim begins to speak again*

"Lets face it buddy, it won't go well for you so how about you drop the threats to a minimum. Go back to the hole you've for some reason crawled out

of and go back into hiding, like the rest of your pals. Have a good evening and I hope you make the correct decision before deciding to do something

you will certainly regret. Tim.

*Tim places his radio back on his vest before taking a swig from his canteen*

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*CJ Decides to respond to the rather entertaining response*

*Holds down PTT*

*Chuckles and speaks in a light tone*

"Well! Ain't this amusing, I'm sure with an attitude like yours, you would be fun to play with. Do you like games? Well It doesn't matter because once we meet you will learn to love em"

*CJ releases the PTT*

*Throws the radio into the pond before moving*

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*Private First Class Ripley is scrubbing dried mud off his boots when he hears the broadcast and the response to it. Confused, he stands up and speaks briefly with his Intelligence Officer before picking up his radio to transmit*

There seems to be a misunderstanding here. Whoever this blue beret wearing individual was, he's not UN. Possibly an impostor, there seem to be a lot of them. The United Nations does not put out contracts or bounties on peoples heads. If we sought to capture you for some reason, I believe we'd do it ourselves rather than paying civilians to do it. I apologize for the confusion, best of luck resolving this matter. I hope it can be resolved without violence.

*Turning off his radio, he notices Corporal Novaka walking by and suddenly stands up with a yawn, attempting to get him to notice that his name-tag clearly says RIPLEY not RILEY. Corporal Novaka doesn't notice. Ripley frowns and hurries off to join his unit for today's briefing.*

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* Austin rolls his eyes grabs his radio and holds down the ptt* 

" All of these edgy radio threats are something else really. I don't think anyone wants to sy your games, whatever they may entail.  Since you were talking about a mask I'm gonna go ahead and assume your one of Todds new boys or maybe an old one or imposter but from what I've seen these U.N guys are pretty cool. I had a nice chat with them the other day and they seem alright I doubt they are looking to kill you and they certainly are not the type to put bounties on peoples heads. I think they have the manpower and training to handle it themselves.

*Austin releases the ptt reminiscing on the good old days*

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*Tim picks up his radio and hysterical laughter can be heard*

"Ahh CJ, do you not recall what happened at the castle not even a week ago? The way you act and the things you say have

repercussions my young friend and what you've said certainly will. Running from us yesterday was quite cute to be

quite honest."

*Laughter continues as he struggles to get his words through*

"Certainly wasn't the big man there now, was we young'un? Have a good day and don't forget to eat your lunch!"

*He places his radio back onto his vest and continues to eat his tin of beans.*

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