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To the Men from Atlas [Private Frequency]

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*Izaak looks through some loose papers in his bags. He finally finds where he wrote down the names of the Atlas men he hired some days ago. He begins a transmission*

Jeremy, Caleb. This is Ivan, we met on some unfortunate circumstances a few days back. I hired you two for a specific job and have heard no response. I know you survived the rescue attempt based on what some of your men said when we stumbled upon them recently. I want to remind you that me and my men are still alive and will still expect your end of the bargain to be fulfilled.

I will be awaiting a response.

*Izaak releases the PTT.*

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*The radio crackles to life breaking the quiet solace of the forest. Caleb stumbles through his bag to grab the radio before the transmission ends. After contemplating a response for some time he pushes the PTT and begins speaking*

Hey Ivan, sorry we haven't contacted you sooner. We've had....issues of late with some individuals you may be familiar with. Rest assured we are still working towards the goal. However, we have had to work…slower.

We can discuss this matter more if you would like.

I'll be listening.


*Caleb releases the PTT and begins once more into the quiet darkness*



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*Izaak replies*

I need something useful in two days time. I'd also rather we discuss the rest of this in person. Meet at lake Prud when you have what I want.

*Izaak releases the PTT*

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