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Zinnia. (Private Frequency)

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*Eliane walks away from the well in town towards the outskirts, as she walks she unclips her radio and speaks quietly into it. You would hear a faint breeze and the uneven pattern of boots on the road*

Hey Zinnia..its been what like...four..five days?...

*She curses under her breath slightly*

You doing ok? Some guy is looking for you too...Doesn't sound overly familiar...

*You would hear the sound of boots on the road suddenly die off, replaced instead by the occasional crushing of a leaf*

Just...please tell me you are okay..

or even alive..

*She sighs and speaks quietly*

I really hope she didn't do it...

*The transmition cuts off as Eliane finds a place to sit on overwatch for abit*

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*A bit of static picks up as Zinnia holds down t he PTT, unresponsive at first, as though she is at a loss for words. She ends up speaking half-heartedly and hollowish.*

H- Hey, Eliane... It's ah... It's nice hearing from you.

*She draws in a deep breath and goes on with her voice slightly pitched, alert.*

Yes, Eliane. I am... Most certainly alive-- I guess. I just needed... Some time off, y'know?

*She waits a bit, tapping the side of her radio with her fingertip. Her voice goes a bit darker now, but still alert.*

If you want to uh... I guess join in, I'll be speaking to the other man on the radio there soon enough. Just... Wait for now, I guess~

*A hollow click is heard as the transmission ends abruptly.*

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*Eliane sighs and listens to Zinnia, she slips her backpack off and sets it infront of her. Leaning her rifle up against it she takes her radio into her hand and speaks as she uses her other hand to continue over watching town*

Yeah I get it, just promise me you will be staying safe.

*She lets out a deep sigh before speaking again*

If..you need any help before hand just, call me..

*She thinks for a few moments*

Actually..you know what scrap that actually..

*She giggles*

Either way ill be listening on both frequencies.

*She releases the transmit and sets her radio up against her backpack turning her full attention back to the town*

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