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To any MSF personnel or anyone on this frequency (open frequency)

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*Dr.Goodfree looks out at all the wrecks and bodies that littered the border he sake's his head as he pulls free his radio and tries to sound Official as he speaks *

Whoever is on this frequency this is Doctor. Goodfree of the MSF well as far as i know the last MSF member in country im running extremely low on medical supplies and am in desperate need of restock this message to  any MSF personnel ,medical personnel or anyone im not sure what groups are still standing since i left the country if you try contacting me i should be able to hear it ill keep my radio tuned to this frequency

*the doctor keeps moving through the country side still moving deeper into Chernarus waiting for a response eagerly*

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*Aaron sits in Haven, toking his doobie in a mellow fashion. listening to the recordings of various broadcasts from the last 24 hours*

*Upon hearing the mention of MSF along with the rest he tunes into the frequency and activates his Ham radio mic*

"If your still on this frequency, Listen to me... Your not alone. We can offer you refuge and safety. However we need to be careful on frequencies like this..."

*Aaron pauses to take a toke of his doobie*

"Head as far North as your supplies will allow for, then bunker down and respond on this Frequency"

"Use the Callsign: Janus, followed by your rough location."

"Then listen and wait for more instructions"

*Feeling satisfied in his attempt to be super secret he switches off the mic, hoping the good doctor will take him up on his offer*

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*Dr.Goodfree picks up his radio and speaks into it while checking his fold out map*

Hello to whoever contacted me you told me to use a call sign when contacting my location well here it is 

*he pauses then speaks*

call sign Janus  church near Lucifer's castle contact me when you are in range and ill give farther locational information Juanus out

*Dr. goodfree hopes the voice on the other end got his reference and waits beside his radio impatiently *

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*Aaron getting ready to bed down for the night hears the response. Thus sets up for one last broadcast before sleep*

"Shortrange TS-3.3 bandwidth: 103.7"

"A contact will be sent at first light, but for now stay safe Doc"

*Pauses to think of a reference whilst looking out into the darkness*

"The night is dark and full of terrors"

*Instantly realizing that makes himself sound incredibly sinister, Aaron switches off the mic expecting to never hear from this man again*

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*Dr. Goodfree looks at his radio questioningly thinking about what the man had said and decides to move to a safer location near by*

Janus to who ever you are when your contact is in range contact me i dont exactly feel very whats the word oh yea safe now any ways contact me and ill come running till then janus out

*Dr good free wonders to him self if its a good idea keep in contact with this man but he shrugs and grabs his bag and heads out the door of the  Church*

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