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108,9 - To Blackwood [Private]

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*After setting up frequency on her radio that Anton gave her she begins to slowly walk around the room while holding down PTT button and talking*

Hello name's Ellie, I hope we have got the right frequency here.

*she pauses for a moment*

If yes then well. Me and some of my friends here would like to speak to you guys if that would be possible.

We are looking to achieve some kind of alliance here with you.

So again, if it would be possible to have a small talk with you please let me know.

*she pauses again*

Maybe you know us maybe not.

I think we gave some of your people our frequency 57.2 last time we met them if I remember that right so maybe that will tell you who we are.

*She releases PTT button awaiting response*

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*Sonny would hear the ladies voice come through the radio, picking up the radio in response*

"This is Sonny Mitchell, currently a Major for the Blackwood Frontier Force here in South Zagoria."

"The easiest way to get a face to face meeting with one of our representatives would be to come into our territory, which currently starts a little south of Lopatino at a barn compound inbetween Lop and Vybor and runs up to Vavilovo and a little north of that until you reach the northern highway, we're mainly stationed in Lopatino."

"Please get in contact with us prior to entering our territory, we will need to have you answer some questions and actually meet before being able say whether or not an alliance or friendship would be possible."

"Thank you."

*Radio cuts to silence*

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*She holds down the PTT and begins to speak again*

Hello, sure thing.

Just let me know time and place and I will try to be there.

*She releases the PTT button*

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*Anton recognizes the voice, speaking for Blackwood and answers.*

Hey, Sonny! How are you doing, wife and kid are fine I suppose? In case you don't remember me I was hanging around with her up north, I think you were even with us once.

*He pauses.*

Well, Ellie here and I trying to set up... well I guess you could call it a camp...

*He sighs.*

Look, from what we heard you guys are on the civilised side of things. At least Danny said that after I showed him the corpse of the guy who crucified him and Fox.

*He chuckles.*

I just hope we can figure something out, people think it's funny messing with our weaker members to feel like though guys...

We could use a hand in protection maybe and I guess you wouldn't be mad about having friends either.

*Anton releases the PTT button.*

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Sneers at the voice of the traitor Anton over the radio. She'd spit at the ground before grabbing Sonny's radio from him and turning it off, hoping the silence would give Anton a hint.

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