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Looking for a woman [Open Freq.]

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*Oliver slouches on his couch, looking out the window with his radio in hand. He clears his throat and lifts his radio to his mouth. He speaks in a monotone but still recognizable voice.*

*He lets out a cough, sounding somewhat in pain.*

"This is a message to...well...everyone. I'm looking for a friend, we have some...catching up to do..."

*He pauses a moment.*

"She's short...like five-foot-something...and she has dark hair."

*He pauses again and speaks in a somewhat agitated tone*

"Her name is Zinnia...if anyone sees her, tell her to work on her aim..."

*He chuckles to himself.*

*Oliver releases the PTT button and lays the radio beside him on the couch, awaiting a response.*

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*hearing the old yet familiar voice of his friend, Yegor turns on his radio*

"Is that you old friend, it has been such a long time since we last talked and many new events have taken place since then, I have not seen zinnia in over a month now it seems like, the last time i talked to her she was up north near Novaya Petrovka getting buddy buddy with the those Northern Scum. If you need help finding her old Friend i would be much obliged and i'm sure some of my men and my connections in the Northern Wastes could help you track down our old friend, i would actually like to speak to her as well, maybe we could all catch up since it has been quite some time since we all spoke in person, contact me if your interested friend."

*Yegor turns off his radio and heads back to his camp*

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*The frequency spurs to life as static fills the air, then settles only for the sounds of feet shifting across what sounds to be like soft gravel or sand, and for a low but rushed feminine voice to echo through the speaker,*

Hello, Oliver. I- I guess our last er... Meeting didn't have a lasting impact on you.

*A deep breath is heard on the other side as ocean currents can be heard through the speaker and the lasting silence as she takes hold of another breath to speak more, sounding slightly agitated but sorry.*

T- Truth is, I... I don't even know what we fought about... I h- Have so much trouble even remember what I ate in the last hour IF anything at all..! Listen-- Oliver, if you want to talk, FINE.

*Birds are heard flying high in the air and chirping as the oceanic coast-like breeze fills the speaker. There is small, limp-like footsteps heard on what sounds like a wooden walkway until Zinnia is then heard kicking something large into a thing of water. Another lisps of breath hangs in balance on the frequency until her chilled and hollowed voice springs back in.*

Find me. 

Go ahead-- Y- You heard right..! I mean, I'M sure not going to risk it all-- An- And go wherever you are to talk this out... Especially you, Yegor! It sounds to me like you just want to... Like you just want to settle a score of some kind, really! and yes-- I'll admit; I seem VERY p- Paranoid right now..! Tell me I'm wrong for being paranoid-- TELL ME. 

*Another wave of silence echos as the ocean breeze kicks up again in the background and the lingering sounds of boots hitting the wooden deck below her feet sweep past as the transmission ends very suddenly and abrupt.*

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*Tucker raises an eyebrow as he listens to the back and forth. He decides to respond, probing for more information. He depresses the PTT*

"Um... What the hell did I miss since I left you two at the hotel?! Fuckin' Christ seems everyone is turning on everyone. Lovely ain't it? The sting of betrayal? I would feel bad for you both, but I've felt that sting far too often to care anymore. Take this as a life lesson, one you won't forget... or maybe I'm misunderstanding the situation. Either way, prost!"

*He takes a swig from his flask, it is possible to hear the swig right before Tucker releases the PTT.*

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-Finnr looks at the radio buzzing next to the bed. He reaches out with a fully stretched arm and grabs it he stares at it for awhile and then decides to speak over the radio in a tired but slightly intrested tone-

Zinnia, if you need me. Find me. You know where I am at.

If you feel like they'll fuck with you , then I will simply fuck with them.

-a silent yawn can be heard-

My people are arriving finally anyway I doubt it'll be much of a problem. To stretch my goals in to aiding you for now.

I owe you any way for "fixing" my leg.

-The slight moan of a girl stretching can be heard-

Mhm, You've been keeping me bored anyway. -can be heard said by the girl in an almost unintrested tone-

-Finnr raises his voice and speaks in an aggressive manner-

Shut your fucking mouth Five. Didn't ask for your goddamn opinions on wether or not I give you enough to do.

-The radio transmission ends-

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*Pressed the PTT*

Mr. Haas, we need to talk. Contact me on the old U-saf frequency as soon as possible!

*released the PTT as he waited for a reply*

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*Oliver listens to the responses and then decides to answer*

"Zinnia...i have no clue what you have gone through since you tried to fucking kill me...but i could honestly give less of a damn. The reason why we fought was because you joined up with those fucking northerners, and you couldn't stand that i disagreed with them."

*He lets out a deep sigh and speaks in a lower and agitated tone*

"You proved me wrong...you made me feel like a monster for all the things I've done, but i guess that wasn't enough huh? I guess you just had to kick me out of my own home and fucking shoot me while you were at it!"

*He pauses again and continues to speak in an agitated tone*

"I don't know what happened to you...but you changed...at least in my eyes...when i came back, you weren't the same person as when i left. So yeah...ill find you...and we'll have a little chat. Adios pal."

*Oliver angrily tosses the radio aside onto the couch, and looks out the window*

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-Finnr looks trough a little notebook and responds-

Hehe Funny Oliver I was supposed to hunt you a little while ago.

It had quite the handsome reward now I'll get two rewards.

Saving someone I care about, and getting a favour for it aswell.

-His tone turns really dark, it's almost emotionless-

Stay the fuck out of the North and stay the fuck away from Zinnia.

-Finnr clicks off the radio-

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