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Unfinished Business [PRIVATE]

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Rose pauses for a moment before picking up her radio and tuning it to her old frequency, she frowns slightly and looks down at the small scars on her wrist once more before pressing the PTT to speak her voice somewhat tense when she speaks.

"Michael Gien, I don't even know if you remember me, but you and I have unfinished business.

Business that I would very much like to finish now that I am back.

I think this is far too long over due don't you?"

She pauses for a moment thinking before continuing.

"I'll keep my ear on this frequency, and I'll be listening for your reply, I think it would be fitting for us to meet again in the last

place we saw each other, I'll let you pick the time."

She releases the PTT and sits back against the wall behind her before pulling her gloves back on to hide the scars on her wrist.

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* He gets up slowly pissed at the loud mouth on the radio flapping her gums waking him from his sleep and in annoyance grabs his radio to reply*

" im sorry madame ..who are you again? its been so long....so many people...so many friends...i think this little bird smells a trap"

* He lays down letting off a small grunt from pain*

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Rose picks up her radio again and presses the PTT to respond.

"You know, I'm somewhat disappointed that you don't remember me.

My name is Rose, maybe you remember our last meeting in the Civilian barracks south of Sevaro?

It sounds like you are in some pain though, so your probably hopped up on pain meds so I suppose I can forgive your faulty memory.

But anyway, This is not a trap, if I wanted to do something to you I would have before now, I have friends who could have brought you to me a long time ago. I simply want to have a conversation, and I hate doing that over the radio, it is just easier to speak face to face. Hell if you really want you can pick the place I just thought it would be more fitting to speak where we last did since our conversation was interrupted last time."

She pauses for a moment before continueing.

"I'll keep listening on this frequency, but I can promise this is no trap, just unfinished business that I would really like to just have over and done with."

She releases the PTT and sets her radio back down on the bed,

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* He raise the radio to his lips*

"You must thing im to fucked up to come and get captured by you and you little friends...all bark and no bite little pup...please buzz off and leave me alone you stupid cunt.

* He sets the radio down and trys to sleep*

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Rose rolls her eyes and picks up the radio up again.

"I don't see how I'm using any bite in this from how I'm seeing this I've been rather polite even after how you have acted.

Though if you want to see just how much bite I have I would be happy to show you.

Anyway, have it your way, I'm sure that we will be seeing each other again before long."

She sets her radio back down and shakes her head.

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