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To Laurel Lane (Private Freq)

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*Oliver sits against a wall inside a house he smiles and pulls out a radio. He presses the PTT*

Hi Laurel. Its me I didnt get to catch you today but I wanted to thank you for traveling with me the other day and for welll.... lack of a better term having my back. Its nice to know that with all this crap going on there's someone I can at least enjoy having a walk and talking to. I hope to see you soon. I feel like we make a good team. 

*His smile fades.*

As for your... Request or well the secret you told me. I can help you with that just give me some time.... Oliver. 

*He release the PTT*

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*Laurel sets down her bag and sits down in a middle of a field, pressing the PTT, smiling eagerly*

[align=left]Hi Oliver! Yeah.. I missed you yesterday! You're a pleasure to talk to and it's very flattering that you trust me, as I trust you.. too. I ran into the UN again but everything went fine. I hope to speak more.. business with you soon. See you around! LL.

*Laurel frowns a bit as she picks up her bag and releases the PTT*

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