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Thanks for the beans and the binoculars. (Open Freq.)

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"I don't if you're listening. I sure hope you are."

A man began talking on the radio. Without pause he continued to speak.

"Three days ago I was scavenging for food and I got too close to you and your people's encampment."

The man on the radio was American. He spoke as though his intended audience were right in front of him. With a note a detectable urgency the American went on.

"You entered a house I was searching and found me crouched in a corner with my rifle aimed at your face. You didn't freak out. I was impressed for like half a second."

There was a short pause and you could hear the man exhale sharply, then inhale slowly before speaking again.

"Then I was scared. I thought to myself, crap he ain't afraid! What did I get myself into here? But you were cool. You gave me some beans and a pair of binoculars. You weren't willing to let me stay. You explained that there were some concerns among your group when dealing with outsiders. But I know you're good folks. I know because you let me walk out of there."

The radio clicks as the PTT button is released and clicks again almost immediately. The man continued to talk.

"I've been awake since our encounter. I couldn't stop thinking how I might repay your good deed and perhaps gain some trust. And then I found something. I told you I'm a carpenter. Truth is I'm a handyman. I'm great with tools man, I can fix anything. Well I managed to pull together some things and I have nice 'ole cargo truck up and running."

"I've been awake this whole time because I did a lot of driving and stopping. Watching and waiting. I had to make certain I wasn't being followed."

CLICK. The transmission stops. Silence for ten seconds and then the speaker went on.

"My name is Thomas Johnson. I've parked my truck very near to your compound and I've been here for the last 24 hours. I am certain no one followed me. I have been patrolling the area vigilantly. I am alone and without affiliation of any kind. Everyone I knew here is dead and my family is.....was.....is in the States. Anyway. I hope your hearing me because I'm bringing this truck to your doorstep as an offering and an application to your community. I'm tired. I can barely keep my eyes open. Hope you don't shoot me. I'm the guy in the big ass'd orange truck."

The radio clicks a final time. The transmission has ended.

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