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Holiday announcement (OPEN FREQ)

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:: Jake grabs the radio and forces himself to put a smile on his face ::

"People of Chernarus, I know we all are fed up by the shitty situation we all are part of. We all have to eat canned crap, get our hands bloody and shoot innocent people. If you feel like shit, I think most of us can relate. But act TODAY to relieve yourself of this useless stress and hopeless thoughts."

:: Jake opens his little musical device that plays a quiet happy theme and puts his next to the radio ::

" My boys and I are setting up a holiday resort in Freep... Vishnoye. All people are accepted under the condition of no firearms allowed. Price will be discussed on site. Get ready for activities such as pin the infected, chugging contest. We will organize nature walks and an history walk in our very won castle Zub.  This is your opportunity to forget about the apocalypse for a little while."

:: Jake tells Ragnar to stop the bus because of the noise ::

" If you are too far to make it, just contact us on our frequency 66.7 and we'll offer a pick-up. See you soon!

:: Jake closes his radio, smiling about the thought of easy profit ::

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Rose listens to the radio message and laughs softly as she presses the PTT.

"Right you must think people are really really stupid.

If this isn't a painfully obvious trap then hell I don't know what is.

Vishnoy is slaver territory, has been for a long damn time too.

Anyone who actually falls for this is a idiot who deserves what happens at this point,

since it is pretty common knowledge that Vishnoy or freeport or whatever you wanna call it is a slaver town."

She laughs again as she releases the button and writes down the frequency mentioned into her journal and tosses her radio back into her bag.

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